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The Basepaws Dental CatKit is a predictive predictive tool that allows cat parents and veterinarians to proactively manage dental health before damage occurs. The Basepaws Dental CatKit combines years of research, computer modeling and data from over 38,000 cats and informs cat parents if their cat shows signs of dental disease due to the microbial composition of the cat’s mouth. Using this information, cat parents and veterinarians can develop highly personalized care plans to improve cat dental health, detect and treat dental conditions such as periodontal disease, or possibly even delay the onset and progression of diseases.

The Basepaws Dental CatKit can detect more than 600 microbes from the comfort of your home, specifically focusing on a range of microbes that have a significant correlation to dental disease. The test results will tell you whether your cat is at risk of developing a particular dental disease. New data shows that overlooking the need to care for your cat’s teeth can potentially lead to several serious illnesses. Unfortunately, cats are experts at hiding this pain. So if cats are showing frequent signs of dental stress, it is likely that they have been in pain for weeks, if not months. By then, the dental disease could be advanced and require more serious intervention. Dentist visits are costly and over 60% of stage 1-3 periodontal disease is often overlooked by a visual veterinary exam. Basepaw’s Dental Catkit alleviates this common mistake and allows cat parents to stay proactive and avoid medical emergencies.

“The ability to identify, predict, and ultimately prevent dental health problems early on is vital for cat parents and veterinarians.” said Yuliana Mihaylova, Ph.D., Basepaw’s Head of R&D. “This test is part of a comprehensive plan. When a cat is tested early and regularly, it greatly improves grooming and minimizes emergency room visits and extractions. We believe this is the.” A pet parent’s ability to keep pets alive longer and feeling better will dramatically improve. ”A manuscript available online here demonstrates the science behind the product.

It is important to identify dental disease early as it can indicate more serious problems such as autoimmune disease, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes mellitus. When you acquire this knowledge, both pet owners and veterinarians can stop dental disease early.

The Basepaws Cat Dental Health Report provides the following information:

  • Risk level for three of the most common dental diseases in cats – periodontal disease, tooth resorption, and bad breath (bad breath).
  • Assess how your cat’s dental health can affect their overall health.
  • Personalized recommendations for improving your cat’s dental health at home.
  • Personalized clinical care recommendations to share with your veterinarian.
  • The topmost plant or animal DNA in your cat’s mouth.

The Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test is the first in a series of forecasting tools that reflect the combined innovation of years of Basepaws data accumulation and research. Visit to learn more about the new Dental CatKit product.

Basepaws is a leader in cat health, offering at-home genetic and dental health tests with digital results available in weeks. Historically underfunded cat health research has inherently fewer privacy concerns and is now hot on the heels of other genetic research, with Basepaws at the forefront. Basepaws is committed to animal health research and is the world’s first testing platform for home cat owners. Founded in 2017 by Anna SkayaThe company has twice been represented in ABC’s Shark Tank and is based in The angel.

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