The 5 Best Cat Brushes

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Most cats don’t like sitting through a proper grooming session to deal with tangled fur and mats, so it’s important to choose a fur brush that works quickly and effectively. Although there are a wide variety of fur brushes on the market, according to Jacque Opp, a certified master cat grooming professional, the best cat brushes include grooming tools with soft silicone bristles, and durable combs with steel tines that remove hair easily while being gentle on the cat’s skin. “Cats don’t have a lot of patience, so I recommend being careful with your brushing methods. Being effective in a short amount of time makes a difference, ”Opp tells Bustle.

Your cat’s coat length is a deciding factor when choosing a brush. For short haired cats, Opp recommends a two-step approach. “My customers have had great success with a silicone curry followed by a metal comb,” says Opp. “The metal comb needs to have teeth that are very closely spaced to be effective.” Silicone brushes are not only gentle on kitten’s sensitive skin, they are also durable and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

“A metal comb is most effective [tool] for long-haired cats, ”says Opp, so you can do without the silicone brush if your pet has long fur. “I would avoid any type of rectangular slicker brush,” warns Opp, as this type of brush can easily miss tangles.

In addition, Opp would “completely avoid” hooked-toothed brushes and those marked for peeling, which can be harmful to your pet’s delicate hair and skin. And even when armed with the best cat brushes, you can face resistance in your cat. “I’m a huge fan of positive reinforcement,” says Opp. She recommends trying treats like churu lick purees to get your kitten on your side.

With that in mind, keep scrolling to find the best grooming tools that your cat actually loves to be brushed with.


Groomer’s Pick: An easy-to-clean silicone brush

Opp recommends this silicone brush with soft, flexible bristles that are gentle on sensitive cat skin. The brush also has a removable strainer that traps the brushed hair and makes cleaning super easy. The side handles make the brush comfortable to hold and the back has short bristles that are perfect for removing cat hair from furniture.

A Cat Parent’s Opinion: “I auditioned about 10 different brushes for my picky Siamese cats who don’t like being brushed. This was the clear winner. My cats now love being brushed and it does remove a good amount of hair in one session. Ridiculously easy to clean […]. “


Groomer’s Pick: The Best Cat Brushes on a Budget

Another recommendation from Opp is this inexpensive cat grooming kit with two stainless steel combs with smooth, rounded prongs that are gentle on the kitten’s skin. The kit includes a large and a small comb to help you groom different areas of your cat’s fur efficiently, and each comb has both thick and wide teeth that help remove loose hair and tangles. This popular comb set has received a 4.7-star rating after more than 2,800 Amazon customers.

A Cat Parent’s Opinion: “Best comb for long haired pets! This is the only comb our cat could put up with and it’s soooo relaxed. He was a nibbler and a swiper when I brushed him. We went through five different brushes before we found this product. So easy to clean and fewer hairballs and no mats for our baby. Can be easily disentangled with soft, short strokes. “


A metal comb very popular with fans

With over 4,100 perfect five-star ratings from pet parents, this is a hugely popular cat comb that can be used for grooming both short and long haired kittens. The comb has alternating long and short stainless steel teeth that brush your kitty’s undercoat and loosen tangles. The comb also has a long, non-slip handle that is easy to use and comfortable to hold.

A Cat Parent’s Opinion: “I have a 15 year old longhair cat, she is in good health, but it is more difficult for her to take care of herself. I’ve tried other matting brushes and they have been a struggle. My cat didn’t mind and after a session it is completely silky smooth and free from tangles. “


A small silicone brush that is easy to hold

This compact cat brush has a round design and a non-slip handle, so you may find it easier to maneuver than other brushes. The smaller size is also great for grooming cats’ faces and paws. The brush has flexible silicone bristles that remove loose fur quickly and gently, and reviewers recommend lightly moistening the bristles to capture even more hair. It’s a popular choice with pet owners and has received more than 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

A Cat Parent’s Opinion: “[…] There are 3 things I really love about this brush compared to all of the other types we’ve tried. First, a lot of hair is removed from our cats. This brush has gotten a lot of piles of fur from cats that don’t seem to be losing too much and that brushing has never seemed so beneficial. Second, the soft bristles don’t irritate cats’ skin at all, which makes this brush a great brush for frequent use. Third, our cats LOVE this brush! When I grab them, they run to me to be brushed, which has never happened to previous cleaning tools. It’s also easy to clean, pretty easy to keep the fur off the cats, and very simple and ergonomic to keep. I can definitely recommend this little brush to everyone with cats! “


The best silicone gloves

If your short-haired cat doesn’t like traditional brushes, these silicone-tipped grooming gloves can be a great alternative. Reviewers especially love the gloves for easy grooming of tails and bellies. In addition to the short silicone bristles, the gloves have breathable, quick-drying mesh inserts, stretchy elastane-elastane fabric around the fingers and adjustable wrist loops for a better fit. They are also easy to hand or machine wash. Another Amazon favorite, these gloves have over 26,000 five-star ratings.

A Cat Parent’s Opinion: “My cat and I love these grooming gloves !! They work so well on our native shorthair cat! She’s in pure heaven when we use her and the amount of fur that falls off each time is amazing. I love that I can easily walk around her neck and head – easier than a brush […]. “


Jacque Opp, Certified Cat Groomer & Certifier