The 3 Best Dog-Proof Cat Feeders

While it’s usually okay for your dog to steal a bite of cat food every now and then, having your dog constantly eating your kitten’s kibble and leaving your cat on an empty stomach can create health problems and bad habits for your pup. To keep the peace and help both animals get the food they need, the best dog safe cat feeders will restrict access or keep cat food out of reach for your pup. Your options include mounted or floor-mounted feeders, and your choice will depend on your cat’s mobility and aesthetic preferences.

Cats tend to be much better climbers than dogs, so mounting a food dispenser high on a wall or window is an easy solution. However, an older kitten or a kitten with mobility issues may do better with a floor-based feeder that dispenses small servings of dry food on a schedule. Instead of letting the kitten feed all day, timed feeding allows you to have more control over which pet is eating the food – and since the dry food isn’t sitting outside for hours, your dog is less likely to nibble on it. Since you want an easy-to-clean feeder, each of the picks listed below has a durable, low-maintenance stainless steel bowl, and some are even dishwasher safe.

Another way to dog-proof your cat bowls? Put them in a separate room and use a door latch just big enough for your cat to get through, but not larger dogs. Whichever solution works best for you, read on to find the best dog-safe cat foods for your multi-pet home.

1. The best window mounted cat feeder

This stainless steel cat bowl is suction-attached to smooth windows and other non-porous surfaces to keep your cat’s food away from other pets. The bowl can hold up to 12 ounces of wet or dry food and can be removed from its holder for easy filling and cleaning. The bowl is also dishwasher safe.

An animal owner’s opinion: “Amazing pet food and water bowls. The suction cup is super strong. My cat doesn’t like variety and absolutely loves it and my dog ​​doesn’t get into the cat food anymore! I wish I had known about them earlier. “

2. The best wall-mounted cat feeder

Set these wall-mounted bowls high enough to be out of reach of dogs, but easy for cats to reach. The feeder comes with two half-pint stainless steel trays and, according to the brand, can hold up to 85 pounds when built into a stud. You’ll need to place it near a comfortable seat or combine it with other branded wall accessories like this lounger. The feeder is available in three bamboo wood versions and comes with all the necessary accessories.

An animal owner’s opinion: “The cat lays all of its weight on this platform while eating, so I’m glad we followed the instructions exactly as described and installed them on a wall post. However, once we found a stud in a suitable location it was perfect. The cat can eat well out of reach of the dog. “

3. The best automatic cat feeder

This automatic cat feeder has an LCD screen that allows you to plan up to four meals a day, with a choice of servings per meal. The 4L feed container holds kibble back between feedings and delivers just the right amount with meals, giving you more control over your pets’ feeding schedule and eating habits. You can even record your voice to call your cat at mealtimes. In addition, the stainless steel bowl is super easy to clean. Also helpful: you have the option of using desiccant bags to keep the croquettes fresh.

An animal owner’s opinion: “The device’s lock function is very pet-safe and so easy to use. It works like a charm, would recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable automatic feeder. “

Also, think of: a door lock to keep dogs out

If your dog is on the bigger side, this door latch is an easy solution to keeping him out of your cat’s bowl. The two parts have a 3M adhesive backing so you can attach one part to the door and the other to the door frame and adjust the strap to make just enough room for a cat while keeping larger dogs away from the cat’s feeding area. To enter the room, simply unhook the belt. Reviewers have given it more than 5,300 five-star ratings, and many customers note the bar also helps keep dogs out of litter boxes.

An animal owner’s opinion: “I’m so glad I found this before I spent three times the money and sliced ​​open my laundry room door !! I had this installed in 30 seconds and my cat’s litter box and food bowl are now safe from his Labrador brother. “

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