That’s My Dog: Katy hot dog restaurant commits to community

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When Ryan Muccular, co-owner of That’s My Dog, moved to Katy in 2016, it felt like home, she said. (Photos by Rynd Morgan / Community Impact Newspaper)

When Ryan Muccular, co-owner of That’s My Dog, moved to Katy in 2016, it felt like home, she said.

Ryan Muccular and her husband Kevin Muccular opened That’s My Dog in 2016 after opening a hot dog food truck in California, where the couple is from in 2013.

Ryan, who has a masters degree in culinary arts, said selling hot dogs didn’t sound like what she went to school for at first.

“Funny thing about me, I don’t like meat; I don’t like beef. I am not a fan of hot dogs. They have a really bad stigma behind them, ”said Ryan. “I said, ‘If we do we will take the stigma off hot dogs and educate people about how’ [hot dogs] can be really good and just as good for your body as any other type of food. ‘”

That’s My Dog sells 100% beef hot dogs with natural casing and no pork or mixed meat products. The dogs, rolls and toppings are all made in-house. It also offers keto, vegan, and vegetarian products.

“I wanted people to know that even though you are eating a hot dog, it is good for your body,” said Ryan.

The Mucculars use family recipes for their dishes. The chilli is Ryan’s recipe; the banana pudding is Kevin’s mother’s recipe; and the restaurant’s barbecue sauce and smoking technique come from Kevin’s grandfather.

That’s My Dog also has an item in honor of Kevin’s grandfather, Samson Reed. It’s called the Big Sam Hot Dog, and it features a smoked sausage with a brisket, macaroni and cheese, chopped onions, and barbecue sauce.

“Big Sam was known to put some meat on the grill,” said Ryan. “It’s great because he was a big guy and he would do anything to feed you.”

The couple moved to Katy in 2016 to open their business after a customer suggested an expansion at their California location. The couple’s family now operate the original food truck in California. At first the Mucculars had no plans to move to Katy. The idea came while watching college football one night and hearing about the Katy Tigers, he said.

“He did a little research on them and heard they were the best, and when he got to Houston he said, ‘That feels great; it feels like a place my wife and I could probably move to, ‘”said Ryan.

After doing her own research in the area, Ryan agreed. The family is now in Katy High School and their children are Katy ISD students.

That’s My Dog donates 10% of its sales and all employee tips to the community through its TMD Cares program. The Mucculars also have a blessing wheel in the back of their restaurant that anyone who expresses a need can turn and they give money to single mothers in need.

“We had the community as a whole, especially in Katy, [wrap] her arms around us, ”Ryan said. “People need people. I think COVID[-19], taught us above all that you need people. “

This is my dog

22635 Morton Ranch Road, Katy


Opening times: Wed.-Sat. 11 am-8pm,

Sun. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., closed Mon-Tue.