Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine to provide each veterinary student and faculty Butterfly iQ+ Vet probes

Setting students up for success while in the classroom and as they advance in their careers

Butterfly Network, Inc, a digital health company specializing in handheld, whole-body, multi-species diagnostic imaging, and Texas Tech University (TTU) School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo, Texas, have expanded their partnership. TT has obtained additional Butterfly iQ+ Vet probes to assign each incoming veterinary student with for the remainder of their veterinary education.

“We are thrilled to continue this extraordinary partnership with the School of Veterinary Medicine in reimagining and expanding how veterinary healthcare is delivered,” expressed Jenna Mutch, Butterfly Network’s vice president, veterinary, in a company release.

“Equipping each student with a Butterfly iQ+ Vet from the first day of vet school allows students to learn with the benefit of 3D visualization within each phase of their training, from anatomy to clinical case experience. This develops clinical confidence and proficiency that translates into real-world veterinary practice,” she added.1

This adds to TTU’s 2021 investment in Butterfly iQ Vet probes, which will now be utilized for clinical faculty and staff. What’s more, this agreement enables graduates of the school of veterinary medicine to purchase a butterfly probe upon graduation at a student rate.

Butterfly iQ+ Vet is part of the curriculum and used in various hands-on skills training courses during all 4 years of school. During the last year, the clinical year, students can take their probe into rural and regional communities to practice, learn, and offer value to these locations. Butterfly’s veterinary specialists also offer hands-on education and didactic, personalized learning, which is key to ultrasound adoption.

“Point of care ultrasound is becoming a standard of care in veterinary practice, yet traditionally has been one of those skills one would acquire post-graduation,” stated Bethany Schilling, DVM, assistant professor of general veterinary practice at the school of veterinary medicine, in the release.

“By working with handheld ultrasound devices and instruction from subject matter experts, we are giving our students the unique ability to develop and hone their skills for 3 years prior to entering their clinical year with our practice partners. In addition to a great diagnostic tool, ultrasound technology is a great way to help solidify a student’s understanding of anatomy and assist with the development of their physical exam skills. Integrating ultrasonography is helping us fulfill our mission of graduating confident, competent veterinarians.”


Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine will provide every veterinary student and clinical faculty and staff with handheld imaging equipment from Butterfly. release. Butterfly Network, Inc. October 4, 2022. Accessed October 6, 2022.

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