Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine facility is nearing completion

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The 229,000-square-foot Fountain Inn High School in Fountain Inn, SC will be the city’s first high school in more than 60 years.

The new school, due to open later this summer, was built by Greenville County to ease the rush to Mauldin and Hillcrest high schools, The Charleston Post and Courier report.

The previous Fountain Inn High School closed in 1957 when Hillcrest High School opened in Simpsonville, SC

Although other schools in the district have renovated or added buildings to their campuses, this is the first all-new high school built in Greenville County in more than 50 years.

The new facility is designed for around 2,000 students, but will be limited to just 320 freshmen in the first year. The district plans to add a new grade level each year.

The school will focus on advanced manufacturing and technology through its Institute of Automation and Engineering. The institute houses the technology required for students to complete Path programs in STEM-related areas, including engineering, mechatronics, and computer science.

The campus is designed to have a college-campus-like atmosphere with collaborative spaces and flexible classrooms and offices.