Tennessee Vaccine Chief Faked Threat By Mailing Dog Muzzle To Her Own Office

Tennessee’s former top vaccine official, fired last month after sharing a memo about a state law allowing children to be vaccinated without parental consent, was caught by the government muzzling dogs ordered to her office claiming it was sent as a threat.

In several CNN interviews, Michelle Fiscus described an exposed story of a dog’s muzzle. So it went, Fiscus received a muzzle from Amazon at their state office by an anonymous person before being fired.

Michelle’s husband, Brad Fiscus – a former school board member who resigned after parents opposed mask mandates for the school system – told Tennessee at the time, “Somebody wanted to send her a message telling her to stop talking, she thought it was so “a threat to them.”

However, following an investigation by the state’s Department of Security and Homeland Security, new details have emerged. Through a subpoena, the officers found that the item in question was purchased with a credit card that bears Fiscus’ name.

“[T]The result of this investigation is that purchases from both Amazon accounts on behalf of Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus were debited from the same American Express credit card, ”the investigators stated, as was first reported by Axios. The investigation was first opened after Paul Peterson, a health department official, informed the Department of Security of the alleged threat.

Gary Humble, executive director of the conservative nonprofit group Tennessee Stands, told The Federalist that the muzzle situation was “on par with Brad and Michelle Fiscus.”

“That’s to be expected,” said Humble. “Brad recently ran a campaign for Tennesee House and his tagline, if I remember correctly, was ‘Integrity matters’.”

Fiscus, a pediatrician who was named medical director of Tennessee’s preventable disease and immunization program in 2019, complained that she was “fired for no reason.” Speaking to Axios, Brad claimed he was surprised to find the dog’s muzzle and told the point of sale that he would read the report before commenting.

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