Ten Oklahomans Have Been Treated for Taking Animal Medicine

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Just when I thought the bar for stupidity was low, we somehow went even lower.

Yesterday I saw a story from Mississippi that apparently had several people in the hospital because they were taking the drug ivermectin to treat Covid. Now, ivermectin is a single-use human drug, usually used to treat worms. However, it looks like the people of Mississippi used the drug, which is intended for horses and cattle.

Yes, a drug that should be used on a 1,000 pound animal is perfect for a human right? Please tell me you see how stupid this is. Apparently, through the power of social media, a post about treatment for ivermectin is going viral. Through a quick search for ivermectin treatments, I found quite a few studies from South America. It looks like some tests have come back with some good results but some bad side effects as well.

Much like what we heard months ago about hydroxychloroquine being a miracle cure for Covid. Some tests came back with terrible side effects. Again, you should consult your doctor here before taking any medicine. So the FDA recently had to issue a statement urging people to stop treating horses and cattle. Something the FDA probably shouldn’t be doing.

So I thought these were just some stupid people in Mississippi, but it looks like some people in Oklahoma saw this “cure” for Covid too. Four Green Country Tractor Supply stores in Oklahoma said they are no longer leaving ivermectin and that sales and demand have increased during the pandemic. Is it possible that many horses and cattle have perpetual parasites and need immediate treatment? Possible.

I suspect people are buying up this stuff because of this cure claim. Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information executive director Scott Schaeffer said they received about 10 calls because people were exposed to veterinary medicine. “In May we only received one call, then three calls by July,” said Schaeffer, “and so far five calls from six people in August of this year and the month is not over yet.”

Taking too much ivermectin can lead to liver problems, possible seizures, and some effects on the heart. If you think you know how much a human needs to eat compared to a 1,000 pound animal, then good luck to you. I still wouldn’t do it.

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