Technician Medicine winner Inger Reres, LVT, VTS (SAIM)

Veterinarians, nominated and selected by their peers, exemplify leadership and achievement in improving patient outcomes.

dvm360®, the No. 1 multimedia platform in the veterinary industry, announced the 8 winners of their first Veterinary Heroes ™ recognition program on November 16, 2021, including Inger Reres, LVT, VTS (SAIM). The newcomers were honored at a festive gala at Fetch, a dvm360® conference, on December 1, 2021 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

The Veterinary Heroes ™ program honors those who have made breakthroughs in veterinary medicine. Veterinary leaders are nominated by their peers for their remarkable achievements in improving patient outcomes. A top-class jury from the dvm360® Advisory Board selected a winner in each category who made a measurable difference.

The Veterinary HeroesTM program is sponsored by Nationwide, Merck, Zoetis, Clevor®, Blue Buffalo, NorthStar VETS, and MedVet.

The 2021 Veterinary Heroes ™ program winners will be presented in an 8-part series. Part 8 focuses on technician medicine winner Inger Reres, LVT, VTS (SAIM).

Reres is known for her solid skills and experience. For nearly a decade, Reres has been a go-to professional at the VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center of Westbury and has stood up for her team at all levels. She has helped develop programs in hands-free radiology and helped train staff in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Reres achieved her goal of specializing in internal medicine for small animals in 2021. Reres and husband Mike recently welcomed their baby daughter Cassandra to the family and worked hard for their veterinary team until she was due without complaining or slowing down, according to their nominee.

Regarded as a champion by her team, according to her nominee, Reres has held Continuing Education (CE) talks with other technicians in her area about the challenges of newborn care after a caesarean section. As a senior technician in a busy internal medicine service, Reres handles any situation with ease, be it managing numerous questions, calls for laboratory results, or questions about medications, her nominator said. Reres’ ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time and their positive attitude ensure that the practice runs smoothly and efficiently. She is considered a heroine by her colleagues, patients, and clients year-round for all of her efforts and contributions.

“When I got the call that I was selected to be the recipient of the dvm360® Veterinary Heroes ™ Recognition Program 2021, I was speechless,” said Reres. “There are so many worthy technicians; To be nominated was an honor in itself, and to be elected was indescribably humiliating. All of us in this field do so because of our passion, and to be recognized for that passion is an incredible endorsement. ”

Reres said her favorite aspect of her career is solving many owners’ secrets about their pets by sharing her knowledge with them and putting the puzzles together to reunite a family.

In her free time, Reres devotes herself to the arts, especially the theater. She loves costuming historical plays and building sets for her high school theater where her dogs have cameo on stage. Reres also has an affinity for books and has a library at home with her and her husband’s collection ranging from veterinary texts to fantasy fiction and everything in between.

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