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Mom can’t stop laughing when daughter doesn’t know how to use the brakes on her bike

When TikTok mom @freemk and her husband taught her daughter to ride a bike, things took a surprising turn. “If you teach your child to ride a bike but forgot to tell them an important step #momfail”. The father pushed the little girl first on her purple bicycle, which quickly began to peddle the empty suburban street all by itself. “I do it!” she exclaimed. Then something became clear to @freemk as her daughter pedaled further and further away. “She doesn’t know how to stop!” shouted the mother. “You have to turn around!” called the father. The little girl carried on and her mother just kept laughing. Finally the little biker tried to turn around and fell over. Still, she threw her hands in the air and felt victorious. “I honestly thought she wasn’t coming back,” joked one person. “The little arm raise at the end. OMG, ”said another. “I love how the mom tries to yell at her but I can’t stop laughing,” wrote one user