Tales of Arise Black Cat Envoy Walkthrough

The Black Cat Envoy quest in Tales of Arise begins as you walk around Vincent near the inn and your group spots a strange black cat. This walkthrough will guide you through your cat hunting adventure in the Black Cat Envoy quest from Tale of Arise.

Tales of Arise Envoy of the Black Cat

The mission begins with the hunt for a black cat; You have to run after it to find out where it takes you!

Various cutscenes are also played along the way. You’ll even hit a couple of enemies (and even a boss!)

If you’ve lost sight of the black cat, don’t worry as you can see its location through the yellow marker on the minimap.

Gilanne Woods

To start the chase, you’ll need to run deep into the forest known as Gilanne Woodland. You will face some enemies here.

To combat them effectively, you can spam Alphens Reigning Slash. Your group will be constantly filled with moves like puff of air and clap of thunder, so combine this with your incumbent slash to get them done quickly.

Don’t worry if your HP is running low. One group member will automatically apply first aid (if you feel you need it sooner, switch to). Also, avoid dodging enemies by running away after the attack.

Now, after the fight, you have to go into the forest. It’s a pretty easy trail with a couple of ladders; Just keep an eye on where you are going and don’t go too far in the wrong direction.

As you go deeper into the forest, you will encounter more monsters. Treat them in the same way as above.

At some point you will see a trader walking through the forest. Before hello, wherever the star marker leads you is a challenging boss fight. Don’t rush just yet.

There is a healing light in front of the marker. Examine it to heal your group.

We also recommend that you spend some time preparing with the dealer as you will face a giant monster in the next section. Once you’re set, it’s time to go to the marker and face the giant plat monster Zacarania

Zacarania boss fight

This monster does a lot of damage, so it would be best if you set up your healing and maybe even set a constituent’s AI to focus on healing and using your CP.

The strategy here is to focus your attacks on the various limbs of Zacarania (highlighted with an orange glow). Don’t attack them for too long, however, as Zacarania is throwing out various AoE spike attacks that can really do damage.

So keep walking around the monster while attacking it when you get openings. You can also hit it with Alphens Reigning Slash in the middle.

There will be other monsters that you fought before in the forest that will start to spawn, but it is best to ignore them and run to a place where they have gathered to beat Zacarania

Once you’ve defeated Zacarania, a cutscene will play that reveals the elusive Black Cat’s envoy!

After the cutscene ends, you’ll find yourself near a camp. Use the camp before you run back to the cat.

If you follow the cat you will come to a large door. On top of that, you will eventually face another boss! The captain of the Minancia Guard, Kisara, is waiting for you.

Minancia Guard Captain Kisara boss fight

Minancia has more health than Zacarania and has stronger offense and defense.

Follow the same strategy as the previous boss fight and remember to pay close attention to your health when necessary.

In addition, Boost Break will improve your attack skills against the enemy, so try to make it happen. Keep dodging the enemy while they attack by constantly moving.

In order to bring you a decisive victory, Thunder Blade and Thundery Teneberous Claw will help you a lot. Use it after weakening the enemy to do great damage to the enemy.

The good news for this fight is that you don’t have to reduce Minancia to zero HP. Simply cutting off two segments of their health triggers a cutscene that ends the fight

When the fight ends, a man appears with the black cat in his arms.

There is a conversation going on at the training ground, but you have now achieved your goal. The Tales of Rise Black Cat Envoys quest is finally complete upon completing this final step.

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