Taipei Zoo to livestream leopard cats leaving for survival training | Taiwan News

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Leopard cats at Taipei Zoo (Photo from Taipei Zoo)

Leopard cats at Taipei Zoo (Photo from Taipei Zoo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A pair of leopard cats born at Taipei Zoo are embarking on a journey to learn the skills necessary to live in their natural habitat, and the event will be held on Tuesday morning July 20 ) broadcast live on Facebook.

The couple are a brother and sister from a litter of three kittens born in March, the first newborns of the critically endangered species the zoo has seen in 28 years. The project is part of a reproduction program in collaboration with the Endemic Species Research Institute (ESRI) and the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

The kittens will be relocated to ESRI in central Taiwan’s Nantou County after acquiring the skills to survive in the wild and eventually being released. Her brother from the same litter will stay at Taipei Zoo to play a key role in leopard cat breeding, according to the zoo.

As a desensitization measure, cages were set up in the enclosure for the transport of the cats with plenty of food. Meals have also been adapted to the impending lifestyle change to sole hunting, and live animals such as mice and loaches have been added to the menu.

The siblings will be health checked and vaccinated before their adventure begins on Tuesday around 11 a.m. The public is invited to follow the live event through the Taipei Zoo’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Taipei Zoo to live stream leopard cats leaving for survival training
Leopard cats at Taipei Zoo (Photos of Taipei Zoo)