Sussex woman saves ‘dangerous’ dog from being put to sleep

A pet dog just days away from being euthanized was rescued amid new calls to change the “ineffective” law on dangerous dogs.

Toby, a pit bull terrier, was relocated just three days before he was euthanized after Allie Green of Horsham found a new owner for him.

The 11 year old pooch is now leading “his best life” with a new family in Oxfordshire.

Toby was placed with a family in Oxfordshire. Photographer: Gareth Millson

Toby arrived at a London rescue center as a stray in June 2015, and staff soon discovered he was a Section 1 registered dog, identified by police as a pit bull terrier type.

Its previous owner was found and for health reasons could no longer look after him.

Allie, who heads the Draconian Dogs Act – a group that supports owners and keepers of banned dog species – arranged for Toby to be picked up.

She said, “I legally had 30 days to try and move him to a new home.

The Argus: Toby after he was attackedToby after he was attacked

“If I didn’t succeed, Toby would have to be destroyed on the 31st day as the law only allows 30 days before the registered owner. It has been a long road to find a suitable home.

“Toby’s owner loved him, but she was very bad and struggled to take care of him.

“She explained that he was incredibly kind, but because of her health she couldn’t take good care of him and she was happy that I was trying to find a new carer for him.”

Toby temporarily lived in Horsham with Allie and her five other dogs – including two registered exempt pit bull terrier types – and their four children.

The Argus: Toby has settled in with his owner in OxfordshireToby has settled in with his owner in Oxfordshire

She then found Toby a new home, but on the first night he was attacked by his new owner’s older dog and brought back to Horsham.

Allie said, “Toby’s face was covered with deep wounds on both sides of his muzzle and around his eyes, and it was clear that he urgently needed a vet.

“As a registered pit bull terrier type, Toby had to wear the muzzle in public at all times, even in the car. There are no exceptions, so we had to muzzle him even though he was badly injured.

“To protect his face, we stuck sanitary towels around his bloody muzzle. He was badly injured, he had been through a lot that day and now we had to muzzle him.

The Argus: Toby and GarethToby and Gareth

“Despite the pain, he didn’t react a single time. He licked us while we covered his wounds. He’s such a gentle soul. ”

It took Toby 15 stitches while the dog that attacked him – a legal breed – was unharmed.

Allie ran out of time and even called the vet to have Toby put to sleep.

However, Allie then received a call from Gareth Millson, of Oxfordshire, saying he wanted to give Toby a home.

The Argus: Toby was only three days away from being euthanizedToby was only three days away from being put to sleep

Gareth said, “After hearing Toby’s story, it wasn’t long before I made the decision to take him; I couldn’t allow him to be put to sleep.

“I went to him and he came home with me pending a decision by the local court on the possibility of transferring the owner.

“He was such a cute dog, a little shy, but loved to cuddle. From day one he was a lap dog and wanted to be as close as possible to me at all times. ”

A transfer of ownership was approved in court and Gareth became Toby’s legal holder.

Until March 2015, the possibility of changing the owner was far less restricted, but a change in the law now means that you can only apply for a change of owner for an exempt dog if the owner dies or is seriously ill.

Allie says the “ridiculous rule” means that “many good dogs” must be euthanized.

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