#SURVEY: Getting OLDER does NOT SUCK and this is why! | 98.5 The Cat

There are some inevitable facts in life and aging is one of them.

No matter how we try to delay the process, we are all getting older and not everyone is happy about it. And while looking for the fountain of youth, they may be scared of certain milestone birthdays – like a 50th birthday – but instead of worrying about the number, why not focus on the positives?

This information comes from BEST LIFE.

A new poll of 1,000 adults over 50 asks their thoughts on getting older and what they like best about life after the big 5-0. The number one they look forward to for old age? Retire of course! In relation to aging, the four most important factors are physical health, mobility, mental health, and appearance.

And according to the survey, these are the best aspects of getting older:

10) A fulfilling romantic life – 9.9% of respondents said this was the best thing about aging.

9) Feeling Less Stressed – 11.4%

8) More stability in life – 17.9%

7) Enjoy a slower pace of life – 18.2%

6) More time for family and friends – 19.4%

5) More time for passions and hobbies – 23.5%

4) Feeling more secure – 26.3%

3) Coping better with life’s difficulties – 29.6%

2) Feeling wise – 36.7%

And number one that people say is the best part of aging? A lot of life experience – 56.2%

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