Surprising Performance By A Cat Had Fans Cheering MVP Last Nigh

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When their mediocre teams lost in New York and Washington on Monday night, the beleaguered Yankees and Nationals fans were honored with two new heroes in their respective stadiums: a scared cat and a peaceful, stoic praying mantis.

The Tigers defeated the Red Sox 4-2 at the start of a three-game series. So the fans weren’t really happy.

That is, until they got some animal entertainment from a cat that ran into the field. The cat was previously seen in the Orioles’ dugout before running onto the Yankee Stadium field.

Orioles manager Brandon Hyde kept it easy, joking that the cat had the characteristics of a well-rounded player: “The cat showed good speed, agility and verticality a few times.”

This is not the first time a cat who knows where has stepped onto a playing field.

This time it took a while to clear the field. It was like a full halftime show.

The new kitten on the scene broke away in the outfield of the Yankee Stadium in the lower knockout round, causing a seven-minute delay. It took so long for the bored Yankees fans to explode with life and say “MVP! MVP!” and “Let’s go cat!”

The Sox and Tigers will play again this evening at 7:10 p.m. (Prelude 6:10 p.m.), I wonder if they’re going to have another surprise animal entertainer tonight.

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