Superfood pumpkin for a cat

Worried about hairballs? There is a natural way to help your cat release this hairball. Pumpkin (kalabasa) is full of fiber that can help your cat move ingested fur, says in “Your Cat Should Eat More Pumpkin.” Pumpkin is not only delicious, but also a superfood.

Seb, rescued cat, will eat everything. He tends to get fat, so exercise and pumpkin in his diet are good for him.

Ideal for cats

Pumpkin has many health benefits for cats, says 1. It is loaded with fiber, which is itself very good for the cat’s digestive system. Fiber can also prevent constipation and even stop diarrhea. “Fiber absorbs stomach acid and excess water and can actually help move ingested fur through your cat’s digestive tract,” added 2. Pumpkin is also rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, among other nutritious compounds. “Because it’s such a healthy food, it’s a great way to supplement an overweight cat’s diet. Replacing just 20% of her normal food will make her feel just as full, but with fewer calories, ”said

Adding Pumpkin to a Cat’s Diet

To Include Pumpkin In A Cat’s Diet: 1. If you don’t have easy access to pumpkins, you can purchase canned pumpkin. 2. But we of course recommend that you choose fresh pumpkin, which is available in grocery stores and public markets. Peel the pumpkin and toss the skin, remove the seeds, and cut the pumpkin into pieces the size your cat can eat, or rub the pumpkin and cook before giving it to your cat. 3. You can add ground chicken breasts if you’d like.

Kittens can be fed solid foods as young as 8 weeks of age. Give only small amounts. Mash the cooked pumpkin.

warning reminds owners: 1. Check the pumpkin jar to see if it is pure pumpkin or if it is a pie filling that is bad for your cat as it contains sugar and spices. “Organic is a nice thing, but the most important thing is that you don’t accidentally buy pumpkin pie filling as it may contain extra sugar and some spices (nutmeg!) That can actually harm your cat’s health. “ warns. It adds, “You could of course always get a whole pumpkin, empty the seeds, cut it into pieces, and then fry or steam it.” 2. Never add salt, sugar or cinnamon and other spices. “When you start adding pumpkin (or new food) to your cat’s diet, do so slowly. Just 2-3 tablespoons is probably enough at first – you don’t want to shock your cat’s system and give her an upset tummy. Over time, you can mix pumpkin into your regular cat food on a daily basis, freeze it in pumpkin cubes to give away as a treat, or just offer it as you please. Your cat will let you know if she’s not a fan! “Says 3. Never give cats uncooked or raw pumpkin. There are many pumpkins (pumpkin is a pumpkin) in the market. “It turns out that any kind of pumpkin (pumpkin is a pumpkin) is pretty good for cats. They have tons of vitamins and lots of fiber, not to mention fatty acids, which are great for urinary and digestive health. Just make sure you cook pumpkin first … animals can’t mine raw pumpkin the way we do, ”says

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