Strict action against pet owners for leaving dog poo on streets | Mysuru News

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MYSURU: Although the Supreme Court stated that problems related to the threat posed by dogs in parks will be noted if the relevant ministry authorities do not take action, Mysuru City Corporation continues to show disregard for the problem.
In fact, the city society’s animal husbandry department is looked after by the health officers instead of a veterinary expert.
A veterinary officer was appointed to the position after the deputy director of MCC Animal Husbandry, SC Suresh, was reassigned to the position as assistant director of the Animal Husbandry Division of Chamarajanagar in 2020. But since the last six months the animal husbandry department has been merged with the health department and the health officers have been given the additional responsibility to look after the activities of the veterinary department.
Speaking to TOI, Mayor Sunanda Palanetra said the situation at the company was in dire straits with regular health officials taking care of the veterinary department.
“There are three health officers at the MCC who are given responsibility for overseeing the activities of the veterinary department, such as monitoring the birth control, sterilization and rabies program, dealing with the threat to cattle in addition to their regular duties, and cleanliness and health programs. I have written letters to the Commissioner to appoint a Departmental Veterinary Officer to lead departmental activities, but no action has been taken, “she said.
“The problem in town is that most dog owners who go for a walk in the morning take their pet with them. They poop their dogs in front of their houses and that has become a nuisance in the city. The homeowner has to clean the dog poop in front of his house. There is no problem of threat from pets in parks. We have no shortage of money in the company to appoint officers on a contract basis. I also brought the issue to the attention of the district minister, ”she said.
The senior health officer of the MCC, Dr. DG Nagaraj, told TOI that they will obey the court’s instructions. “We will start an action with environmental officers to raise public awareness of the problem in parks. We will also create awareness through social media, ”he said.
Dr. Nagaraj said domestic dogs are not allowed in open parks like Lake Lingambudhi, Lake Kukkarahalli or Rajkumar Park.
“A notice board was set up by Lake Lingambudhi to warn the public not to bring their dogs on morning walks. We have received two to three complaints from home help in the past, which we dealt with immediately. But the problem is, strollers walking their dogs allow them to poop on the side of the road. After we run an awareness campaign, we will take action against pet owners who do not obey the rules, ”he said.
According to the Canine Club of Mysore (CCM), which is under the auspices of the Kennel Club of India (KCI), there are around 7,000 domestic dogs of various breeds in the city.