Stray dog menace rampant in Community Health Centre in Sonkatch

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Sonkatch (Madhya Pradesh): Patients attending the Sonkatch Community Health Center in the Dewas District of Madhya Pradesh must fight stray dogs before receiving treatment. The dogs run around freely on the wards and they too have free access to the wards where newborns are admitted.

The Sonkatch Community Health Center (CHC) is the city’s largest health center. It has a capacity of 30 beds and receives more than 400 visitors to the open patient ward (OPD) every day.

Relatives of patients who are admitted to the CHC not only have to be careful when treating the patient, but also have to be on their guard in order to ward off an accident caused by the stray dogs.

The visitors claimed that the officers concerned appeared to be waiting for an undesirable incident to occur at the hospital. They claimed that the hospital administration did not act after repeated complaints.

“There is no security for patients admitted to the CHC. Stray dogs can be seen in the stations. Action must be taken against the hospital administration, ”said a local who did not want to be quoted.

“My wife is being treated here for diarrhea. But I’m also worried about the dogs. They sit under the beds and sometimes even on the beds. The dogs can attack children. I made a complaint, but it was unsuccessful, ”said Nasir Khan, a patient’s carer.

When the free press contacted the medical staff available at the hospital, they categorically refused to respond, saying that the block doctor, Dr. Adarsh ​​Naneria is the only person who speaks to the media. Dr. However, Nareia could not be reached even after repeated attempts by the Free Press. Sources said that Dr. Nareia mostly stayed at the district headquarters and often attended the CHC.

Sub-department head Shivani Taretiya said she had notified the district administration of the threat at the CHC and was waiting for their response.