Stop the Chewing with an Exciting, New Product from Redbone Nutrition It will Give Both You & Your Dog Something to Smile About

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And like all Redbone Nutrition products, these Rawhide Chews are made from natural, healthy ingredients and tested for quality by a third-party laboratory. They are available in two flavors – smoked and natural – and contain no additives or preservatives. These dog-approved treats are organic, gluten-free, and contain 20 mg of CBD per chew.

How do you live with your dog’s natural urge to chew?
As a dog owner, you probably love everything about your dog – his cute demeanor, cute looks, and total devotion to you, his best friend. There are so many incredible qualities dogs possess – but behavior that even the most devoted dog lover could do without: chewing. Whether a leather sofa, solid oak chair or your favorite pair of designer shoes, with some dogs nothing is safe. So what should a loyal dog owner do? Maybe a little research. Understanding where the behavior is coming from and what you can do to stop it can help you develop strategies to curb this stressful behavior.

Why do dogs chew?
There are many reasons why dogs find your shoes, socks, and furniture irresistible. When dogs chew, dogs can get bored, stressed, or just plain curious and by chewing they can find a way to explore their world. But if your dog has a choice between your slippers and a tasty bone, most of the time he will go for the bone. Sure, a bone tastes better, but dogs’ universal attraction to bones stems from their history. Before your dog was domesticated, your dog’s ancestors hunted for its food. When it was winter and their prey wasn’t as meaty as usual, they would get what they could from the marrow in the beast’s bones to feed themselves. This survival tactic has made bones a mainstay for your favorite dog.

What bones should dogs chew?
As most dog owners know, the bones left on your plate after a good meal of steak or chicken are not a safe choice for your dog. They can splinter, injure the dog and create a choking hazard. This is why rawhide is the perfect dog chew. Rawhide is the untanned inner layer of animal hide that contains all of the delicious natural flavors your dog will enjoy. CBD from Redbone Nutrition

Rawhide Chews: The perfect way to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew
When your dog gets the chance to chew on these delicious and engaging new CBD Rawhide Chews, your couch and shoes are safe again. This product can redirect your anxiety, keep you occupied, and reduce your anxiety.

SOURCE Redbone Nutrition