St Kilda man with COVID-19 caught in dispute with health authorities over a pair of cats 

A St. Kilda man who has COVID-19 says health officials have told him that if he does not voluntarily leave, he will be forcibly removed from his home and placed in hotel quarantine.

Marcus tested positive on Sunday and contacted the Ministry of Health.

They asked him to move to hotel quarantine because he lived in an apartment building, but he told them he couldn’t walk because of his pets.

“I own a couple of cats, one of which is old and very sick, and I don’t have room to take them with me,” he told Neil Mitchell.

He says that putting your cats in a kennel is also not an option.

“My cats are not vaccinated so they cannot go to a cat hotel,” he said.

“Because we were locked, I couldn’t take her to the vet. Normally they would be vaccinated. “

Press PLAY below to hear Marcus explain what happened