Sorry But Hair Of The Dog Is A Myth

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If you are feeling absolutely brutal after a festive night, you might be tempted to reach for a Bloody Mary for the pain relief. After all, the dog’s hair …

But if you thought returning to the sauce could save you a day of misery, sorry to tell you that dog hair is actually a myth.

Experts Say Dog’s Hair is a Myth (Source: Shutterstock)

The term comes from the idea that the cause of an illness can also be the cure and is an abbreviation of the word “hair of the dog that bit you”.

Many years ago the term referred to a method of treating a rabid dog bite with real dog hair. Somehow this carried over to drinking alcohol and suffering from a hangover over the years.

Those who support the theory think that because a hangover occurs when your body breaks down the alcohol to flush it out of your system, adding a little more would eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms like headaches, nausea, and fatigue.

But unfortunately, even if that theory had some value, you’d just postpone the hangover until later. If your blood alcohol level drops, the hangover will still be there and wait.

Experts Say Dog's Hair Is One of the Biggest Myths (Source: Shutterstock)Experts Say Dog’s Hair Is One of the Biggest Myths (Source: Shutterstock)

Experts at Spire Healthcare told Tyla that “dog’s hair” is one of the biggest hangover myths.

“Drinking coffee, drinking more alcohol (dog hair), or eating fried, salty food won’t help cure your hangover either. If you have been drinking a lot, it is important that you wait at least 48 hours before drinking again to give your body time to recover, “they tell us.

“There are many hangover myths out there, but perhaps the biggest is that drinking plenty of water can prevent or cure a hangover. This is not true because your body excretes the toxins produced by drinking alcohol – which is the cause for it is. ” your hangover – can’t be changed.

“Still, it’s important to drink water to prevent or reduce the effects of dehydration from alcohol.”

Drinking when you have a hangover may only delay symptoms (Source: Shutterstock)Drinking when you have a hangover may only delay symptoms (Source: Shutterstock)

Instead, they recommend replenishing your body with certain foods.

“You can usually easily replace lost electrolytes with food – bananas are a good source of potassium, and avocados, nuts, and sweet potatoes are good sources of magnesium,” they suggest.

“Avoid foods that are harder for your body to digest, such as: B. Dairy products, refined sugars, and fatty meats. Instead, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, soups, and broths.

“If you’ve lost a lot of fluids and consequently electrolytes, such as vomiting or diarrhea, you should try an electrolyte drink with a low sugar content.”

Right, get away from the Bloody Mary boys!