Soi Canine warns significance of worldwide animal well being ignored in combat in opposition to pandemics

Soi Dog warns of the importance of global animal health, which is being overlooked in the fight against pandemics

On the occasion of yesterday’s World Veterinary Day (April 24th), the Soi Dog Foundation signed an open letter with a number of international organizations calling on governments and international organizations to invest in animal health and welfare to prevent another pandemic.

At least 75% of all new infectious diseases in humans are due to animals, including COVID-19, SARS, rabies and Ebola (UNEP). Looking to the future, it is important that we take a One Health approach and recognize the complex relationship between humans, animals and the environment.

The letter written by the Action for Animal Health Coalition calls for an immediate funding to fill the gaps and train more veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals to the standards set by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). Veterinarians play a vital role in preventing the next pandemic by keeping animals healthy and watching out for new disease outbreaks.

Officially launching the week of May 24th at the OIE General Assembly, Action for Animal Health is a coalition of organizations working together to urge policy makers to invest in strengthening animal health systems.

Main focus areas include the need to grow and improve the global animal health workforce, increase the availability of veterinary drugs and vaccines, improve animal disease detection and surveillance, support community education and promote the One Health approach .

To learn more about the Animal Health Action Coalition and to read the letter in full, visit

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