Small Cats and Dogs Available for Adoption on Long Island

Furry friends come in all shapes and sizes, but if you like them on the small side, this week’s lineup is for you!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

NSALA News: Wisdom Panel just launched its Wisdom Panel Complete for cats – it’s a DNA testing kit (they already had one for dogs). During the month of June (National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month), Wisdom Panel works with North Shore Animal League America. All kitten and cat adoption fees are covered by Wisdom Panel (for approved adopters). In addition, Wisdom Panel will donate $ 1 per kit sold to the North Shore Animal League America.


Ten month old Eritrea (adoption # BF3774) had a less than promising start to his life, but he is very happy to leave that behind and step up into his future with all the enthusiasm an older kitten should have. Although this precious mini-panther could run around and play with feline friends all day, it is still working to trust its human companions. A home with children from the age of 12, with experienced adults, shows him everything he needs to know to be part of a family. We have seen so much growth in our little friend and are thrilled to know what to expect in his first safe home!


Despite a difficult start to her life, three year old Roz (adoption # E3401) shows everyone what a survivor she is. This reserved calico feels safest spooning with her feline friends, but from this comfortable spot, her heart opens to the prospect of being loved by human friends, too. Nothing makes her happier than long cuddling sessions, so we’re looking for a family to welcome her with another best friend who will make her transition to her first safe home successful. Roz will never disappoint her friends or family and her charming spirit will be a daily reminder of how much she has overcome on her journey into your heart and home.


** Special Request ** Best buddy Zuke (adoption # E3402) could be one of the bravest of his great rescue. NSALA vets have diagnosed a heart condition which is monitored by their animal health centers and insured for life. He has proven himself to be a loyal friend of his shy acquaintances and offers them his great spooning talents when they need some consolation. The NSALA doesn’t want this super-friendly six-year-old survivor’s natural talent for being a dude to be wasted, so we’re looking for a home that has a feline friend waiting for him to share his life – and what a lucky friend to be the loved one of Zuke!

Usain Bolt

Adopters, take your mark. ]What do the fastest man in the world and our newest rescue name have in common? Overcoming hurdles to success! Our Usain Bolt (adoption # E3403) may not have the speed and confidence of the Olympic icon, but his life has been a marathon of survival indeed. NSALA is thrilled to be making the rest of Usain’s life a smooth sprint towards happiness. All that delicate two year old tuxedo needs is a confident hand to guide it and a feline friend to support and you will discover a winner as he crosses the finish line with you to start his life all over again.


Sometimes the beautiful Bridgid (Adoption # E3404) looks back on the uncertainties of her past and can’t believe how happy she is to be housed in the peace and comfort of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Sometimes she thinks life couldn’t be better than playing on her comfy blanket with her favorite toys and feline friends nearby. It will be hard to convince this cute two year old survivor that life will reach new heights of happiness when she is welcomed into a loving home worthy of her, where she will spend her life with feline friends. Brigid may not be aware of this, but the only thing stopping her from living her best life as a loved one in the family is visiting her hero – you!


** Senior Alert ** When you first meet eight year old Sherlock (adoption # E3406), he will make you feel like you’ve known each other forever. That’s a pretty wonderful trait that comes from a gentleman who has survived years of chaos in hopes of renewing his life with someone special. Sherlock loves human visitors, but he loves his feline friends even more. Give him a moment to notice all the changes around him. You will find that this survivor has replaced uncertainty with triumph. If your quiet family is looking for someone to keep your cat company at home, Sherlock has proven to be a loyal companion. Sherlock would love a quiet home with children ages six and up who can appreciate all the wisdom he can share with them. Sherlock is perhaps the most popular guy in his room at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Wouldn’t you be the lucky ones to make it a part of your life?

Contact to learn more about the adoption of the adorable NSALA adoptive children!

Available for adoption at the Smithtown City Animal Shelter


** Senior Alert ** Parker is a ten year old male Chihuahua mix who came to the shelter after losing his beloved previous owner to the COVID-19 virus. Parker loves meeting new friends, going for walks, cuddling and snacking. Parker was not taught proper manners at a young age, which resulted in his developing food and toy aggressions and a habit of guarding what he perceived to be “his”. He needs an adult-only home that feels comfortable with it and that implements strict rules and structures; while understanding that Parker is 100% worth the effort. Parker has blood pressure and vision problems and needs an experienced owner who is willing to put in the extra effort despite these challenges. This poor boy has been through a lot in his life and needs a home that won’t give up on him.

For more information on Nubbins Adoption, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop … pass on!

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