Skin infection, bones visible: Three more dogs at IIT-M found severely malnourished

The vets confirmed that, contrary to what IIT-M claimed, none of the three dogs had been dewormed or vaccinated.

The condition of the stray dogs incarcerated on the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) campus in Chennai is deteriorating day by day. On Friday October 22nd, three malnourished dogs with severe skin infections and deteriorating health were rushed to a private clinic in RA Puram, town. The pictures of the dogs taken at the SKS Animal Clinic show that they are malnourished and that bones stick out. You have skin infections and can barely stand on your feet.

The clinic’s vets, who examined all three dogs, found that the animals have sunken eyes and are anemic. The report goes on to say that the dogs “have been out of food for a long time” and are dehydrated. Importantly, the clinic’s vets have determined that the dogs are not vaccinated or dewormed, the main reason given by IIT-M management for trapping the stray dogs on their campus in October 2020.

The vets then found that all three dogs were in poor health. They are anemic and their vital signs are very low. The vets went on to say that two of the dogs were kept in intensive care and that it would take them 24 hours to report on their status. Meanwhile, the third dog that has sarcoptic mites, which cause severe itching, has been adopted by a Chennai-based NGO.

The dogs refused to eat when the clinic’s vets tried to feed them. The dogs only ate something after being persuaded and hand-fed, they said.

Meanwhile, a source told TNM that in addition to these three dogs, there are almost 10 dogs with similar conditions in the enclosure set up by IIT-M management.

A source related to the incident at IIT-M said management claims the dogs are naturally aggressive and use muzzles. Despite the detention, the dogs are friendly.

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Due to repeated calls for attention from animal rights activists and media coverage, Tamil Nadu’s Minister of Health, Ma Subramanian, inspected the alleged “dog park” set up on the IIT-M campus. During the inspection, management admitted that around 57 dogs died, representing 30% of the population locked in the dog enclosure. Management further informed the minister that 29 dogs have been put up for adoption, 14 dogs have been released on campus and 87 dogs are currently living in the dog enclosure. A total of 185 dogs have been caught since October 2020.

Minister Subramanian directed IIT-M to provide a detailed report on the 29 dogs put up for adoption. It should be noted that KB Harish, an animal rights activist, filed a complaint with the Chennai commissioner on October 15 against IIT-M registrar Jane Prasad and management over the deaths of the dogs.

Speaking to TNM, Arun Prasanna, founder of People for Cattle in India (PFCI) said: “Management has taken in 185 dogs since October last year. Now they claim 57 dogs have died, 14 dogs have been released and 29 have been put up for adoption. It should be noted here that it is a Herculean task to have 29 adult wild dogs adopted. “

“The IIT-M management’s claim that 29 dogs have been adopted seems inaccurate. It is therefore imperative that they provide proof of adoption. Otherwise we have no choice but to assume that something has happened to the dogs and demand action against them, ”said Arun.

Arun said the release of 14 dogs on campus appears to be a false claim. “During our nearly three-hour visit to campus, we didn’t even see a single dog on campus,” he said.

Arun talked about building a dog enclosure: “Dogs are wild animals that should be released. That is unfortunate. And I think the management is starving them. The dogs are killed and silently buried. 57 dogs died and management did not conduct a single autopsy. The autopsy was only initiated due to a dog’s death after the minister’s visit. “

Arun spoke of the need for strict laws, adding that a professor from IIT-Bombay had inquired about setting up a similar enclosure on their campus. “This shows that IIT-M’s dog enclosure is setting a precedent for others,” he said.

A Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) official said GCC currently only operates birth control facilities and does not have a shelter for stray dogs. “The Madras Supreme Court ruling, scheduled for November, should deliver a fair verdict. It is unacceptable to contain any animal, ”added the official.

On September 17, the Madras Supreme Court ordered the Tamil Nadu government to ensure that the IIT-M campus did not house stray dogs in enclosures set up by the institute’s management.

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