Skelmersdale resident’s ‘heartbreak’ over ‘horrific’ dog mess and aggressive pet owners

Dog chaos and aggressive dog owners in parks in parts of the old Skelmersdales are calling on residents to act.

Jan Langton of Tongbarn in Skelmersdale says the problem in parks and green spaces near where she lives is “terrible”.

Jan, 62, who has multiple health problems and uses a wheelchair, says the problem makes the area go downhill and it is “heartbreaking”.

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Speaking to Lancs Live, she said, “It’s awful, honestly. I’ve lived in Skem since 1967 and I love Skem – I don’t want to leave it. I’ve lived here for most of my life and it’s going downhill and not respected. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

“I am a dog owner and have always had dogs, even if my health was not good. I’m in a wheelchair – and use a waste collector. “

She added, “If a person in a wheelchair can do this, why can’t these sane people?”

Since the dog mess problem is particularly bad near a play park in Stanley Coronation Park and the Uppingham housing estate, she says she pity the children of the people who walk through it.

She said, “It’s worse for the kids – when people’s kids get away with it. I live in Skem and there is a playground in Coronation Park where you can see people with their dogs. There are two trash cans – but some dog owners just walk past them.

“If you tell them something, you will only get a barrage of abuse.”

Since some dog owners reportedly get aggressive when confronted, she says some residents were scared.

“I was talking to my neighbor the other day, whose dog was on a leash, and two unleashed dogs were worried about their dog. ‘But he scared her so much and moved her to tears.

“She had to call her husband to pick her up.”

Poppy, Jan Langtons, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is “adorable”.

Jan is the proud owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Poppy, whom she describes as “absolutely adorable”.

She added, “I lost my husband three years ago and I don’t think I could have survived the last three years without her.”

The grandma of four and mother of two says she decided to speak up after having her carpet professionally cleaned after the last incident last week.

She added, “I just don’t understand why people think it’s okay to let your dog poop on the way and just walk away. The last one was on the way to Uppingham Estate.

“The place is full of it. It’s awful for the kids and the mothers always need to be on guard and keep their kids outside and avoid it getting into their stroller wheels.

“There should be a way to control that.”

Their concerns have been echoed by fellow Skelmersdale residents on Facebook.

Doreen Birchall commented, “Complaining in Skelmersdale is just a waste of time. It’s all over Skem – some people are just gross. If you say something to some of them, they’ll just scold you.”

Similarly, Pamela Holding commented, “You have to put up clues to remind people that it is an insult not to clean up behind your dog. It’s disgusting that people can just go away and leave him for people to end up and children run in it. Dog clutter can cause worms, it can cause blindness if you don’t clean your hands after cleaning up. “

A West Lancashire Borough Council spokesman said: “We recognize that the vast majority of pet owners are responsible, but unfortunately not all. We encourage residents to report dog fouling using the Dog Fouling – West Lancashire Borough Council link ( with as much information as they can, such as resources appropriate. “

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