Siuslaw News | Rapper catalyzes feline adoption at Oregon Coast Humane Society

August 11, 2021 – On July 7th, the carefree documentary series “Cat People” was released on Netflix with cat lovers from all over the world – including “Portland’s Cat Rapper No. 1”, Moshow The Cat Rapper, also known as Dwayne Molock.

He has found attraction for his viral bathtub feline rap videos as well as his soul-touching connection with cats, as depicted in the series. Moshow caught the attention of cat rescuers and cat lovers in Florence and Lane Counties when he first visited the area through a partnership with the Oregon Coast Humane Society (OCHS).

On Friday, August 6th, he shot a music video with the OCHS kittens promoting adoptions for his latest album. Cat Rapper lets the heat drop. ”On Saturday, OCHS then held a book signing with a moshow.

A total of 57 people came – most of the visitors that OCHS has seen for some time, according to OCHS Managing Director Elizabeth Thompson, who joined the humane society at the beginning of the year.

Moshow posted about the book signing on his social media accounts, exclaiming, “I will also help all of the kittens get adopted. … Let’s save all of the kittens! “

Throughout the day, families, adults and children, tried to connect adoption seekers with seniors and cats with special needs living in the shelter.

Six cats were adopted during Moshow’s visit, with the adoption of two cats with special needs pending. The event also raised $ 100 in donations for the shelter.

Thompson said she was confident that Moshow’s visit will catalyze more cat adoptions in the coming weeks.

Moshow’s visit began with Thompson’s vision of “thinking outside the box” to find ways to accommodate OCHS ‘long-term residents, she said.

After she found out that Moshow was living in Portland when she watched “Cat People,” Thompson emailed me that same day.

“I really need help networking these cats outside of Florence, Ore,” she wrote. “Would you be ready and able to help us?”

To her surprise, Moshow replied the next morning. Together they marked the calendar for a weekend in Florence to draw attention to the OCHS community and their cats.

According to Moshow, he wants to support and advocate for cats near him in Portland and sometimes in other areas of the greater Oregon area.

“For me, this whole thing is about spreading love and positivity, it’s always about the cats and I really want to give these cats a home,” he said.

Moshow uses their platform, as well as cat grooming songs and books, to highlight the joys of interacting with cats. Working with a humane society in Oregon meant “doing the job he always dreamed of,” he said. “They are the first people to partner with me since after Netflix, and I’m very happy about that.”

OCHS, a limited-intake no-kill shelter, currently has six dogs listed as available on – but about three dozen cats.

I’ve heard there are a lot of cats here that have been here for eight or ten years and it hurts my soul, “Moshow said. “I want to use my platform to adopt cats by showing animals in a cool light and doing everything I can to help, which is why I’m here.”

OCHS has given over 100 cats up for adoption in the past few years. Hence, the reason some cats have spent their entire lives in animal shelters is a lack of Because of the sheer number here, a real socialization early on, ”explained Thompson. “When there are so many cats, it’s easy to hide.”

On Friday around 2 p.m., Moshow and his wife – whom he calls his cat lady – played with the senior and special cats. One of them was called Sedona, and it purred and pawed at Moshow’s shoulders.

“They were great, very fun and welcoming,” he said of both the cats and the OCHS volunteers and shelter staff.

He was later shocked by the facility’s adoption rates considering how great his experience was hanging out with the cats.

Moshow and his wife looked forward to visiting the OCHS to put the OCHS’s cats in the spotlight and give them a broader platform to help them find their future families.

Moshow’s social media platforms reach over a million followers with engagements in his posts and videos. He sees this as a resource to change in Saving Cats ”and improving the general qualities of their lives.

His posts from the weekend show photos of him and his wife in the OCHS kitten playroom with the headline: We have cat power! ”He also posted photos of the cats and the people he was able to meet. “Where are our cat people !?” he asked.

Thompson said she was excited to see what will happen over the next few weeks as more content emerges about the coast’s cats.

She also appreciated Moshow for making OCHS cats feel appreciated by giving them priority. Some of the cats have been overlooked due to their age, health, and special needs. Therefore, for the first time in a long time, cats have the opportunity to feel like they have been seen by the world.

“For me, it’s the gratitude I feel for him and his wife,” said Thompson. It was touching to see someone with such a platform come with humility and a heart for these cats. That he remains humble and tries so passionately to place cats speaks volumes about where his heart lies and what he is here for. ”

Moshow recognized them first Cat Fever ”at the age of 25, also thanks to his Cat Lady. She enlightened him about the peace and happiness that cats brought into their lives. Since then, there has been no turning back for the couple as they move on to save the cats with their own cat family by their side. They currently have five cats named Black $ avage, Sushi, Lil Parmesan, Mega Mam and DJ Ravioli.

“Thank you very much to the Congregation of Florence, Erz. You are great, I love it here and I love this little town,” said Moshow. “Many thanks to everyone who respects the animals and is very peaceful here. It’s about having these cats adopted and everyone here in this beautiful city was just nice, respectful and just very hospitable. ”

More information about OCHS can be found at

People can follow Moshow on social media, music and streaming platforms through “iammoshow”.

Portland-based Moshow The Cat Rapper visited the Oregon Coast Humane Society last weekend to support the adoption of cats for the elderly and dependent in Florence.