Sick Road Cat Heals and Finds Without end House [Video]

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While running errands and collecting cat food, this rescuer came across a cat that did not seem to be doing well on the street. The cat did not clean itself, had scratches on its face and appeared to be exhausted. Despite all of this, the cat was super cute and trusting. So the rescuer went home to set a trap and came back to fetch the kind little guy.

Unfortunately, the cat they wanted to call Winston had likely been abandoned at some point. Just in case they asked around to make sure he wasn’t anyone’s cat, and after confirming it, they brought Winston home. Winston received a lot of TLC and after a couple of weeks he was a whole new cat! He had energy, an appetite, and was even ready to play. Winston felt a lot better and was ready to find a home forever! Now he lives with his eternal family and is as happy as possible. You can keep up with him on his Instagram @winston_thestreetcat!

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