Shruti Seth Performs Downward Dog Variation With The Help of Yoga Chair

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Shruti Seth is back to train and maintain a rigorous routine with sincerity and dedication. Known as a fitness enthusiast, Shruti keeps her fan-followers up to date with her yoga routines and workouts. Your Instagram account serves as important fitness goals and pointers. Shruti keeps her fans updated on her yoga endeavors and keeps introducing new yoga gadgets in her Instagram post.Also Read – Prenatal Yoga: The Best Yoga Aasans for Pregnant Women to Stay Fit | watch video

Shruti took it to Instagram and shared a glimpse of her yoga position. She performed a downward facing dog pose in her living room. She performed this using a yoga chair, which is a new twist she added. The caption read: “Downward dog variation with the yoga chair. Using the chair will keep your elbows from collapsing. Disclaimer: To be performed only under the supervision of a yoga teacher.” Also read – Shruti Seth undergoes emergency surgery, urges fans not to take health for granted

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Shruti mentioned the benefits of downward facing dog variation using a yoga chair. According to Shruti, using a yoga chair prevents the elbows from collapsing. She can be seen using a yoga chair for support while in a pyramid position.

What Are the Benefits of the Downward Facing Dog Variation?

Downward facing canine variation has numerous health benefits. The downward movement of the dog helps stretch the entire body, including the arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs of the upper body. This exercise also helps in stretching the back of the body, ankles, calves, hamstrings, and spine. It also helps in stimulating blood flow.