Shruti Seth performs Balasana and Downward Dog, sets major fitness goals | Health

Shruti Seth is slowly getting back to her yoga routine. The actor went through a month of break from yoga after she injured her arm and had to be put under treatment and rest. However, now that she is better, she is getting back to her routine with a lot of enthusiasm. Shruti Seth swears by high intensity workouts and yoga and the plethora of pictures and videos of herself on her Instagram profile are proof of the same.

Shruti Seth, when not working for the big screen, is often spotted in the quaint corners of her living room or her terrace, enlarged in a yoga position. From acing several yoga variations to asking her Instagram family to just stop and sit, and meditate and connect with the inner self, Shruti keeps sharing fitness inspiration for us in the form of pictures and videos.

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A day back, Shruti performed a combination of two yoga positions and showed us how they can be done in one flow. Shruti chose the combination of Balasana and Downward Dog with a variation for this routine. In the video, Shruti can be seen starting the routine with the Downward Dog position and then slowly stretching her one leg against the wall behind her. Then she can be seen performing the child’s position, also known as Balasana, and stretching her arms in front of her body. “Two asanas for the price of one,” Shruti captioned her video. Take a look:

The yoga positions performed by Shruti, come with multiple health benefits. The Downward Dog position helps in stretching the lower body and strengthening the upper body. It also helps in stimulating blood circulation and improving the posture. Balasana, on the other hand, helps in releasing tension from the chest and relaxing the back and spine.

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