Should you brush your dog’s teeth? How often should they go in for a cleaning? All these questions and more, answered

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Depending on whether you’re a relatively new pet owner or a seasoned dog or cat “parent,” you might not know everything the experts recommend when it comes to your animal’s dental health.

But that’s OK! The team at Forever Vets Animal Hospital is here to help.

The experts from the animal hospital gave the following advice on how to prevent tooth problems in pets:

  • Preventing gingivitis and periodontitis will help slow the pace of severe tooth loss in a dog’s old age. Brushing your dog’s teeth (with special toothpaste) can help prevent the situation getting worsening.

  • You’ll want to have preventative care performed, by visiting your local vet for a pet teeth cleaning. If you’re in the Jacksonville area, Forever Vets is an option.

  • Provide soft, teeth-friendly toys for your dog to gnaw on, like tennis balls and rubbery toys.

  • Be choosey about your dog’s food and treats. Specialty foods and dental treats can help prevent severe issues.

  • If you’re not sure whether your dog’s teeth are rotten, contact the experts. “We can serve as your dog’s dentist in Florida and help with most forms of preventative pet dental care,” Forever Vets said.

Worries that aren’t necessarily warning signs

Sometimes, worried pet owners say something like, “My dog ​​has rotten teeth! What do I do?!” when there’s nothing to worry about.

These things might seem alarming, but may actually be fine:

  • Black gums: If your dog has black gums but no bad breath, it may be something that the pet was born with, like a freckle, according to Forever Vets. Some breeds, like Chows, are known for having black gums. If they aren’t accompanied by bleeding, bad smell and plaque buildup, it’s likely OK.

  • Snaggleteeth: If a dog has a protruding snaggletooth, but plaque has not yet built up around or behind it, it doesn’t necessarily need to be pulled. It may need to be brushed and checked more often than normal teeth, though. “Our dog teeth cleaning in Jacksonville, and nearby cities in North Florida can help you stay on top of the problem,” Forever Vets said.

Learn more in this blog on Forever Vets’ revamped website.

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