Sheriff’s workplace makes use of service canine to assist cut back job stress

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LIBERTY, Missouri (KMBC) – The Clay County Sheriff’s office is working to reduce the stress of working with dog therapy.

The shipping center in the sheriff’s office is one of the most stressful jobs ever.

“We pondered this idea a few years ago,” said Kim Hunter, communications director for the sheriff’s office.

A rescued Black Lab named Lola is now a trained service dog with a very unique job.

“We’ll go around and say hello to everyone,” said Hunter.

The sheriff’s office started the peer therapy program last month as a test run.

“Just gets people in a much better mood,” said Captain Phil Coffer of the sheriff’s office.

Snapshots in the office are proof of that. They say employee feedback is not on the charts.

“They love to have her with them. We went to other agencies in the area and introduced them so we could get more inquiries, ”said Coffer.

Lola is only 15 months old and is studying on the job. She’s only been on the job for about two weeks, but the department said she’s a quick learner.

“Everyone is having a bad day. If you only have Lola available in the office, you will be distracted by what is bothering you for the brief moment you interact with the dog, ”said Coffer.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said it hoped to potentially expand Lola’s job to school resource units and community outreach programs.

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