‘She is household’ Scots care dwelling determined to maintain resident therapet canine after proprietor passes away

A Scottish nursing home is on a desperate mission to help its only four-legged therapist dog, Penny.

Penny arrived at the Brookfield dorm in Carnoustie with her older owner, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Without another family, the foster home decided to adopt the adorable golden cocker spaniel that is now owned by all residents.

The 12 year old female dog suffers from an eye infection and health problems due to her advanced age.

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But now the 12 year old bitch is struggling with an eye infection and health problems due to her advanced age.

Brookfield was also offered free pet care for life by a local company, but unfortunately their business has since closed.

As a result, employees are struggling to pay penny’s bills out of pocket while veterinary and care costs rise.

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You have now started a fundraiser to cut costs and ensure that you can continue to support your “favorite four-legged friend”.

Home Manager Laurie Easom said, “Penny brings so much joy to employees and residents.

“She’s more than a therapy pet, she’s part of the family.

The staff hope their

The employees hope to continue to support their “favorite four-legged friend”.

“However, she is 12 and there are regular visits to the vet. We need a way to fund their health and general care.

“Lately the employees have been dipping into their own pockets to pay for their vet visits and we just can’t hold out any longer.

Staff were “overwhelmed” by the generosity the JustGiving site has received in donating for Penny across the country.

They have already exceeded their £ 500 goal, and well-wishers have donated more than £ 2,200 in less than a week of starting the fundraiser.

The nursing home, which is set in extensive gardens, also plans to raise chickens and ducks. The idea is to incubate the birds and sell them to raise more money.

Laurie added, “There are plans to incubate and sell chickens and ducks and put the money back in Penny’s funds.

“We can also use the eggs for the residents’ meals.

“In the meantime, we would appreciate any kind of donation if someone wanted to contribute to Penny’s JustGiving page.”

You can donate to Penny’s fundraiser here.

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