Seven Canines, 10 Cats, and a Litter of Kittens Useless in Brutal Redway Fireplace – Redheaded Blackbelt

Video by Sai McCrady

Angelina Jacquez escaped for her life from a burning building this morning. The pet business she was passionate about is gone, she and her children are homeless, and large numbers of beloved animals died in the fire.

“7 dogs died, 10 cats and one litter of kittens died,” she wrote. “The water tank exploded in the hall. I got my children to safety. One of my dogs broke out and 3 cats. The rest of my animals and belongings burned in the fire. “

Jacquez, who owned Primal K9 coaching at Redway, was forced to flee with her children when the flames spread. “[The] The fire was growing too fast to bring others out, ”she explained. “I was standing outside shouting for help when I heard my animals die. I can’t deal with it emotionally at the moment. Maybe I can speak later, but right now I am in shock and feel like I am watching my family die. “

Jacquez owned one of three businesses in a building on the 3300 block of Redwood Drive in Redway that were destroyed in an early morning fire today. Her family and one other were made homeless by the fast moving flames.

A GoFundMe will be operational later and we will update with the information.

[Photo by Armand Moore]

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