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At the age of 15, Rango, a large Birman mixed breed cat with long fur with beautiful seal markings and big blue eyes, was without a home. His family moved across the country a few months ago and said they just couldn’t take him with them.

Debby Everett, a volunteer who took care of Rango in the habitat at Teca Tu, hoped that Rango would soon find his home forever.

“Rango is a very sweet, loving and sociable senior. He is very pretty, cuddly and loves to be petted and brushed. “

This was the second time Rango had been let down. He lost his first home at the age of 5 when he was rescued and adopted after wandering around Taos. But then Rango was abandoned again. Rango was diagnosed with FIV when he was young, but as is typical of many FIV cats, he never had symptoms. Because FIV is transmitted from cat to cat, Rango had to be placed in a home with no other cats.

Last week, Lester Connelly from Eldorado adopted Rango.

“I have a weakness in my heart and I knew that Rango would probably never be adopted by the age of 15.”

Rango now has his own room in Connelly’s house and will soon be grooming his long coat.

Connelly, who was born and raised on a ranch, has adopted several rescue animals and believed that “no animal should spend its final years waiting for a home. Let him live his life. “

Santa Fe Shelter & Humane Society: The pretty Rosa has a lot to offer: She is sweet, calm, affectionate and has good manners when walking on a leash. Rosa, a mixed breed dog, weighs 47 pounds and is 3 years old. Rosa met new friends, ate, and tested fences for safety; a safe environment would be important for her until she has settled in her new home.

Larry is a super cute 3 month old kitten who is so excited to settle in with a family. Larry is a charming little guy who loves to cuddle and play. He has a disease known as FELV and would require special care and be the only cat in a household. He had an eye infection and has lost most of his eyesight, but he can see pictures. Larry has to stay a pure indoor cat. Despite all the struggles, Larry is the cutest boy with a huge personality.

These and other animals can be adopted at the shelter, 100 Caja del Rio Road.

The mobile adoption team will be with PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 3pm.

The animal shelter’s adoption times are daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 505-983-4309, extension. 1610, with questions. Visit to see adoptable animals.

Spanish Humane: Oberon is named after a character in the Santa Fe Opera’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which opens this weekend! This Pudgemuffin Pitbull Puppy is available in the Puppy Patch in Ojo Santa Fe.

Pierre is missing an eye. He had severe trauma from a torn eye but purred throughout the process. There is no adoption fee.

Dew paw rescue: Fish is a 3 year old male undergoing medical examination. He is a cute cat who is kind and loves people. To adopt fish, call 505-412-9096 or email for more information.

Horse shelter: Twist is a beautiful 3 year old wild bay horse who is one of the shelter’s four adoption horses for 2021.

She is in training with Greg Russell, who says: “Twist has a good calm personality that accepts new experiences for such a young horse. She rides the trails on the loose reins and will walk, trot and gallop quietly. She will adopt the new training techniques when I introduce them, so the training was easy and a joy. “

Cats & Friends: Schrödinger is a handsome boy with a great personality. He likes attention and likes to play with toys. He can get a little overwrought and would do best in a household without young children. He can get along well with a gentle cat or dog. Schrödinger is FIV-positive, but in good health. Schrödinger is 4 years old and can be seen at Teca Tu.

Kora is a petite, sweet girl with round eyes. She can be shy but quickly becomes warm to love and affection. She can be fine in a household with a friendly cat. Kora is around 1½ years old and can be seen at the adoption center in Petco.

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