Sechrist Veterinary Well being Pronounces Medical Publication Highlighting Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy’s Function in Treating Veterinary Traumatic Accidents

ANAHEIM, Calif., May 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Sechrist Veterinary Health, a leading manufacturer of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for veterinary applications, has established a veterinary clinical advisory board to raise clinical awareness and extend the benefits of therapy to the veterinary community.

The board consists of independent thought leaders from the veterinary community with a shared passion for advancing hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a clinically proven modality. The first item on the agenda was to lead the development of clinical research in specific applications such as traumatic wounds and pancreatitis, where it can help reduce inflammation and reduce the potential for hypoxia.

The board is pleased to announce that the first publication entitled; “Rationale for hyperbaric oxygen therapy for traumatic injuries and wound care in small animal practice” was published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP). The article sheds light on the physiological mechanisms of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and demonstrates its clinical application in veterinary practice with positive results. The article is available to everyone via the following link:

The board of directors, who jointly authored the series’ opening publication, is made up of four veterinary medicine leaders with a passion for therapy and an extensive background in veterinary practice: Diane Levitan, VMD, ACVIM diploma; Mark Hitt, DVM, MS, ACVIM Diplomat; Ronald Lyman, DVM, Diplomat ACVIM and Dennis Geiser, BS, DVM, CHT-V.


The Veterinary Health Division is an expanding division of Sechrist Industries, Inc. Since 1973, Sechrist has been a world leader in positive pressure technology. Sechrist started its veterinary health department in 2017 and has partnered with some of the best veterinary schools and clinicians to promote clinical awareness.

Deepak Talati, General Manager of Sechrist Veterinary Health, stated, “Advancing therapy through the development of clinical publications and upcoming studies in various indications is a mutually exclusive mission between us and the Board of Directors. I am optimistic about the growth prospects for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.”

Media contact: Ryan Stein1-714-579-8384; [email protected]

SOURCE Sechrist Veterinary Health

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