SDSU hosts Blue Coat ceremony for veterinary medicine students

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BROOKINGS, SD – South Dakota State University’s first class in Veterinary Medicine was honored at the Blue Gown Opening Ceremony on November 5, when students were presented with a personalized Carhartt blue work gown.

Among them was Mariah Beckmann von Slayton, who was led by Dr. Jennifer Stevens of Horizon Pet Care in Brandon, South Dakota.

“We have carefully selected our first class of students, all of whom are exceptionally intelligent and dedicated to learning the many facets of veterinary medicine,” said Gary Gackstetter, professor and director of the Veterinary Medicine Professional Program.

Every coat presented at the ceremony was sponsored by a local veterinarian.

That fall, the first cohort of undergraduates began Veterinary School at SDSU through the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine in partnership with the University of Minnesota. Students who had completed the required pre-veterinary medicine curriculum could apply for the professional program.

Students enrolled in the program complete the first two years of their DVM degree at SDSU, then transfer to the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine for their final two years.