Scorching Points | American Veterinary Medical Affiliation

Protection of veterinary medicine

Prescription mandates are not required

The misleadingly named “Fairness to Pet Owners Act” would force veterinarians to provide prescriptions for pets even if the customer does not want one and regardless of where the medication is available.

Veterinarians need access to compounding

In veterinary medicine, a drug compound is required to provide customized medications for specific patients with special needs that are not met by FDA-approved drugs.

Professional problems

Animal feed / product recalls and warnings

Get the latest information on recalls and alerts related to animal and pet food, including dog and cat food and treats, as well as feed for farm animals, poultry and other species.

Antimicrobial use and resistance

Antimicrobial agents must be used appropriately and responsibly. It’s called sensible use. This is critical to maintaining their effectiveness, protecting animal and public health, and ensuring safe food supplies. Veterinarians are leaders and responsible in maintaining the effectiveness of antimicrobials.

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