Savvy dog owners share 12 hacks for making major savings on the day-to-day costs of owning a pet

WE ALL love our furry friends, but owning a dog can be expensive.

Fortunately, the money-saving community at have revealed their best hacks for saving money while still providing everything your dog needs.


Savvy dog ​​owners have revealed how to save on food, insurance, and much moreCredit: Getty

Save On Food

Buy In Bulk – Get 6 Months Of Food For £36

Caitlin Daly told LatestDeals: “I always buy in bulk. We have a toy cockapoo and with her food we got a discount code with her microchip fee.

“Also at Christmas they had 20% off so we got 15kg which will likely last us 6 months – it only cost £36.

“Her pouches are sometimes on offer from Pets At Home but we buy a box of 40 sachets at a time to last us 2-3 months.”

Sara Clayton added: “I use Amazon Subscribe & Save for dog food in bulk, delivered when it’s needed.”

Laura Pettit has a similar mindset: “I bulk buy my food, especially when it’s on a good offer as it can be expensive and a 13kg bag only lasts me 3 weeks max.”

Find Discounts & Discount Codes In Retailer Newsletters & On Cashback Sites

Caitlin said: “I’m forever signing up to retailers’ newsletters for introductory offers and searching online to compare prices or look for discount codes. Use cashback sites for shopping too.”

Tom Church, Co-Founder of Latest Deals, said: “Cashback sites are a great way to earn money back simply by doing your usual shopping in places like Amazon, Pets At Home and Wilko.

“Plus, if you set up a separate email address and use it to sign up for newsletters, you can avoid receiving too many messages on your main account – and check the other one regularly for discounts and saving offers.”

Order Food Direct & Compare Prices – Buy The Same Product For £8 Less

Clara Johnson said: “I order the dog food online and in bulk from the manufacturer which is monthly but a lot cheaper than the shops themselves.”

Tom added: “It always pays to go directly to the manufacturer’s site if you know which brand of food your dog prefers eating.

“For example, if I was to buy Hill’s Science Plan dog food in a 14kg bag, I could go onto the Hill’s website and choose which retailer I buy from. Comparing prices before making a purchase will always add up in the long run.

“For example, when I checked MedicAnimal, the bag was £54, but on Pets At Home it was £46. That’s an £8 price difference!”

Feed Your Dog High Quality Food To Avoid High Medical Bills

It can be tempting to save money by buying cheaper food, like kibble, but Dr Karen Becker from Healthy Pets says: ‘White it is formulated to meet the basic nutritional requirements, it certainly doesn’t provide optimal nourishment for the long haul.

“Most kibble contains high-glycemic, genetically engineered corn, wheat, rice or potato – grains or starches that have no place in a carnivore’s diet.

‘Carbs break down into sugar, which fuels degenerative conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.’

Amy Louise told LatestDeals: “The best tip is to NEVER skimp on your pets’ food. The old saying of ‘you are what you eat’ is true.

“Poor diets with no nutrition is what causes health issues such as diabetes, liver or kidney failure, severe dental issues – these accumulate huge vet bills.

“Look at individual pet food brands, see what is in their feed – it’s shocking what is in some of them. Learn your pets’ biological dietary needs and start from there.”

Save On Insurance

Use A Multi Pet Insurer – Make Savings Each Year

Clara said: “I have five dogs. I use a multi dog insurer who gives a discount on more than one dog.”

Laura added: “I have 3 large dogs. I use Pet Plan insurance as I seem to have a good price for them. I’ve used them for 7 years now and I got a discount for adding multiple pets.”

Tom added: “It’s always worth comparing costs for multi-pet insurance if you have a large family of canine companions.

For example, PetPlan offers a £12 discount each year if you insure multiple animals, and More Than offers a 10% discount for each pet insured on the same policy.

“Make sure your provider offers the best set of benefits for you and your pets – don’t go with an insurer just because your friend does.”

Complain If Your Insurance Goes Up – You May Get A Discount

Eileen Luby said: “I had Tesco Pet Insurance for 3 years but my dog ​​was diagnosed with dry eye. The first year was about £250 a year, the second was £800 but this year £1,500. They gave me a discount when I complained.”

Tom added: “You may feel like you ‘can’t’ complain or try to get a better deal, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! There’s nothing stopping you from ringing up your insurer and seeing what can be done.”

Weigh Up Whether Insurance Is Worth It

Claire Bounds said: “My dog ​​had a lot of problems early on so it wasn’t worth getting insurance. Instead I put £50 per month into a savings account. I also pay £11 per month on our vet’s health care plan to cover basics like vaccinations, fleas, wormers etc.”

Tom added: “If your dog has pre-existing health conditions, you won’t be covered by a standard insurer. Instead, you’ll need to find a specialist insurer.

“If you prefer to use a standard insurer, be aware that you won’t receive cover for those pre-existing conditions and will need to pay for those yourself.

“However, if your dog got the flu, for example, having insurance in place could save on vet costs.

“Weigh up whether you could afford a vet bill if your pooch became ill outside of their pre-existing health conditions, or whether having insurance in place in addition to a budget for their existing healthcare is a better option.”

Save On Flea & Worm Treatment

Do Fleaing & Worming Yourself To Avoid Vet Costs

Caitlin said: “With fleaing and worming we do this ourselves as it’s cheaper than vet care plans. We usually order off Prime and write the dates we do it on the packaging to keep an eye on it.”

Tom added: “Getting the best flea and worming treatment for your dogs is vital to avoid health problems. It’s worth getting advice from your vet about the brands they recommend, then asking how much their vet care plan is.

“Compare the pricing with the cost of buying the treatment yourself, and see which option is better value for money. Perhaps your vet care plan includes additional benefits such as free health checks, or you may find a great price online to get the treatment on the cheap.”

Stop Paying Over The Counter – Buy Online & Save £68 On Treatments

Jennie McIntyre said: “Pet Drugs Online do 12 months flea & worm treatment from about £45 depending on size so quite a large saving. SRP £111.02 but you could pay as little as £42.40 and save £68.62. Depends on the dog’s weight but it is cheaper than buying it over the counter.”

Tom added: “One of the many benefits of shopping online is that you can more easily compare deals online.

Jennie has found a great offer here, and I can see on Pet Drugs Online that you save at least 40% on many flea, tick and mite treatments for dogs. Just be aware that some brands may require a vet prescription upon checkout.”

Buy Treatment In Bulk – Save £30 By Purchasing 6 Months At Once

Kirsty Holt said: “I buy 6 months of flea, tick and worm treatment in one go to spread the cost a bit. it saves on postage each time plus it’s a bulk order so I guess a saving of at least £20-30.”

Tom added: “As with most things, buying in bulk is often the way to go. Not only do you save on the price per product, you will also pay less postage in the long run as you avoid requesting multiple shipments over time.

“By budgeting for this cost and setting up reminders on your calendar for when you’re about to run out, you save yourself the hassle of potentially running out as well as paying more than you need to.”

Save On Activities

Save On Dog Field Costs By Finding Out Which Slots Are Never Filled

Clara said: “We get to use a dog field for free or cheap for longer exercise because we accept times that are normally never filled.”

Tom added: “More and more people are using dog fields these days, as these secure spaces are ideal for dogs who are scared of other dogs, people or cars.

“They also work well for owners worried about dog theft, animals recovering from injury, training your dog and so on. However, they can be expensive, with British Dog Fields explaining that prices vary between £3 and £25 per hour.

“You can find your local dog field by using resources such as the Dog Walking Fields site, and from there you can ask which slots are cheaper or seldom used to potentially make some savings.”

Avoid Kennel Fees By Taking Your Dog On Holiday – Save Over £240

Clara added: “For holidays we only go to a place that allows all the dogs for no extra costs and as it specializes in dogs there is no extra charge or limitation on number of dogs.

“This stops any kennel fees and allows us all to enjoy our holiday without worry.”

Tom added: “According to Job Prices, the average price for kenneling a dog is £17.35 a day, or £243 for two weeks. You could go on a weekend break to Paris with your partner for this price!

“Why not save the cash and look for a place which will accept dogs, like Clara? Just Googling ‘holiday which will allow dogs’ brings up loads of options.”

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