Safe Haven, Phin Sushi team up to create unique experience for cat and sushi lovers

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BELLEVUE, Wisconsin (WBAY) – Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and Phin Sushi are teaming up to bring what they call the country’s first cat sushi bar to Bellevue.

Phin Sushi is coming to life again after being closed for two years. This time around, however, it will have a new name, location, and a few furry friends for company.

“You can watch the cats next door play or sleep and just through the window,” said Leah Enking, co-owner of Pawfe Shop and Meowsabi.

Years of friendship and leftovers helped spark the idea.

“The owners of Phin Sushi would use the extra scraps of fish as a treat to feed our cats, especially those with behavioral problems,” said Elizabeth Feldhausen, founder of Safe Haven and co-owner of Meowsabi.

That generosity helped create the perfect new business for everyone.

“They are all, are absolutely enthusiastic about cats and we are all great sushi lovers,” says Feldhausen.

The new space, which is due to open in spring 2022, will include the cat refuge with the new sushi bar and a café.

“All shops are completely separate. However, the walls will either be glass walls or windows so that regardless of whether you are in the bakery and the café or the sushi bar, you can see all the cats and what is happening in the cat shelter, ”said Feldhausen.

To keep everything clean and allergy-free, all cats stay within the walls of the shelter, but they can be seen while they are eating.

“It’s going to be like dinner and a show,” said Enking.

“All separate HVAC systems and the like, so we’re just following health regulations and making sure you can enjoy sushi even if you don’t like cats,” Feldhausen said.

The shelter hopes the partnership and new building will not only attract sushi lovers, but will also help adopt some of their cats more often.

“I think we will also have a much greater range for foster families,” said Feldhausen.

They also hope it will help meet their sanctuary needs.

“With our location in Appleton, the Pawfee Shop Cat Café, people round off their drink orders,” adds Feldhausen. “That is really good for us.”

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