RSPCA investigation after cats and kittens found dumped in New Ferry

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The RSPCA is soliciting information after five cats and six kittens were dumped in three different locations in Wirral in cases they believe may be related.

Two female cats were found abandoned in a cat truck outside Broadway Veterinary Surgery on Kings Lane last Monday. Both had fleas ridden and were in poor health.

On the same day, two more female cats were found dumped outside Parkside Veterinary Surgery in New Ferry. Both were in the same type of cat carrier.

One of the three kittens who later died Image credit: RSPCA

Last month, a local cat organization reported rescuing a female cat along with two litter kittens – four were about eight weeks old and two were about three weeks old. All were in poor health with fleas, bite marks and serious worm infestation.

Two of the youngest kittens died just hours after they were found. Another died from compaction of worms, which the vet said was the worst case she had seen in her career.

One of the other older kittens died from worm compaction, which the vet said was the worst case she had seen in her career. Image credit: RSPCA

RSPCA inspector Helen Smith says it believes all three cases are related.

She said, “It seems more than a coincidence that we have three cases within a few miles of kittens found in poor health.”

In the last two cases, the kittens were found on the same day in exactly the same brand new cat carriers with the tags still on two vets.

I am very concerned that these poor kittens are in such poor health that three have died and the others are in urgent need of veterinary attention. Everyone was in such a condition and terrified.

“There is concern that more kittens may suffer from similar conditions, so I am very keen to track down anyone who has taken in a kitten that has recently suffered this way from the New Ferry area.”

Anyone who can help with the investigation should call the RSPCA Complaint Line on 0300 123 8018.

All cats and kittens are now being treated and are in RSPCA care, where they will remain until they are ready to find a new home.