Roswell, New Mexico gets a dog finally thanks to Mr. Jones

We don’t know exactly what Mr. Jones has planned for Roswell and the aliens who live there, but we owe him the new dog in town!

In episode 4 of Roswell, New Mexico, “Walk on the Ocean,” we saw Mr. Jones wreak havoc. It wasn’t so much that he caused a lot of problems, but he shot a dog. However, as an alien with the ability to heal people, he seems to be quick to do the right thing and fix this pup.

It was an accident shooting the dog and it was clear he was sorry for what he had done and he was actually hurt by his own actions. And Mr. Jones decided to show that he isn’t really who they think he is. That meant that he not only healed the dog, but practically adopted him.

Mr. Jones has a new dog buddy in Roswell, New Mexico

And because of the whole shooting and subsequent healing of the dog, Mr. Jones decided to name the pup Lucky, which is apt.

Considering this is the first dog we’ve seen on the CW series, we’re really thrilled that Lucky appeared on this episode from Roswell, New Mexico. Of course, we don’t know if that really means anything, but it would be nice if Lucky had the chance to stay here and bring some dog love to the show.

While we certainly hated the very idea of ​​Mr. Jones accidentally shooting Lucky, we appreciate the fact that not only did he do the right thing, but he really seemed to like having the pup by his side, while he learned everything he could Max and what he had before him in terms of health.

Now let’s just hope this episode is just the beginning of seeing Mr. Jones and Lucky on our screens together. But Roswell has a lot more to tell, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Were you surprised by the arrival of a dog in Roswell, New Mexico? Do you hope Lucky stays here? Let us know!

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