Retired Falls Twp. Police Dog Remembered

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Cpl. Langan and Tag.
Credit: Submitted

The longtime K-9 partner of a Falls Township police officer recently passed away.

Complete Steve Langan’s 14-year-old police dog served with Langan from April 2008 to August 2019. After that, the dog retired to live with Langan, his wife, their four children, and their two other dogs, a community statement said.

Langan and Tag are “almost inseparable,” officials said.

The dog went on family trips to Myrtle Beach with Langan and even did the hike with them to Disney World.

“I took him everywhere,” Langan said. “I literally spent every waking moment with him.”

Tag had no health problems, but he was getting older and slowing down.

“Everyone lost a pet, but he was my partner,” Langan said over the day. “He would have done anything for me. It’s a little harder to explain. He would have given his life for me without any question. ”

Credit: Submitted

The Belgian Malinois served as a strip and narcotic dog. He was able to conduct building searches and traces.

Tag helped get illegal drugs off the streets and helped find lost children and adults with dementia.

Officials found that Tag helped retrieve seven kilos of cocaine from under the passenger floor of a vehicle that was stopped in Bensalem Township. The dog’s sensitive nose came into play, and he found the drugs Pennsylvania State Police officers couldn’t find in their search.

“He smelled it right away,” Langan said of the cocaine that had been wrapped and smeared with motor oil several times. “You could potentially be (searching) somewhere for days and the dog would find it in minutes.”

In 2009, Tag won a national award for detaining two robbers.

Langan said Tag helped protect him on patrol. He said the suspect was “thinking about fighting and Tag barking in the back of the car. That would also change their train of thought. ”

Credit: Submitted

And day wasn’t just important on the road. Langan said the trained dog saved his baby daughter, who was then a toddler, while she was outside. Day was inside and running back and forth. The officer’s wife let Tag out and he rushed towards the toddler, who was being spoken to by a groundhog, and yanked the large rodent away from the child.

“His cool status has increased,” said Langan.

“Everyone liked the day,” he added. “When you start caressing him on the back, he will roll into you and let you caress his stomach. Not every dog ​​will give you its belly like Tag. When nothing was going on, he was like a normal dog. ”

Langan, a 25-year-old lawyer, trained by day in Canada for two months before returning to Falls Township in 2008.

“I was very close to him. He was part of my family, ”he said about day. “He was a great partner and friend.”

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