Resident raises stink at potential health hazard of overflowing dog waste bin in Munlochy playpark

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For weeks, an overflowing dog waste bin stank in a community play park on the Black Isle.

The foul smelling container became a health hazard in Munlochy village, but despite several calls to the Highland Council cleaning department by local Dr. Nothing was done to Patrick McNally.

Dr. McNally, a retired orthopedic surgeon, then switched directions and called the council’s environmental protection agency and filed a complaint.

The Highland Council investigated and promised that the objected trash can would be removed from the play park near Hill Park Brae.

A spokesman said, “We believe someone brought the trash can on their booth to the community playground. Our waste teams did not know that the container was being moved. The trash can is moved to a more prominent place next to a dog exercise area about 100 meters away. There will be controls and garbage collection in the area to ensure that a cleanup is required.

Dr. McNally said he was glad something was done after more than three calls.

“The trash can was emptied last Friday or Saturday but it stays in place. Having an overflowing dog waste bin in a well-used children’s playground is not a good idea,” he said.

“We’ll wait and see if it’s moved, but if it’s emptied regularly it shouldn’t be a problem

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