Residence alone together with her cat for a 12 months, Taslima Nasreen contracts Covid-19

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Photo: Twitter @ taslimanasreen

New Delhi: The Bangladeshi-Swedish writer and activist Taslima Nasreen fell ill with Covid-19 infections without stepping out of her home for over a year or letting anyone in.

“I haven’t stepped out of my house in over a year. I haven’t allowed anyone to enter my house. I was alone with a cat. And then I caught COVID-19. I wish I knew how I did it got caught, “said Nasreen wrote on Twitter.

In a post on Facebook, Nasreen said she had been doing her daily chores on her own for the past year without any domestic help.

“I am forever very unhappy. Hey, I’ve been alone in the house since March last year, a house cat companion, haven’t stepped out anywhere, haven’t let anyone into the house, cooked, cooked, scraped off, wiped clothes, raw brooms, did everything alone, what’s the advantage?

“Nothing. Covid happened right. Only went out for an hour once a year, two months ago to get the first dose of Tika (vaccine). Possibly the trip survived because that dose produced some antibodies,” wrote you.

Blacklisted and banned from the Bengal region for some of her writings, Nasreen has been in exile since 1994 and currently resides in New Delhi.

Metro services have been suspended and no more than 20 people are allowed to attend weddings as a stricter lockdown is expected in Delhi until May 17th.

In India, 3,66,161 cases and 3,754 deaths were recorded within 24 hours on Monday, according to the Ministry of Health. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country has now reached 2,26,62,575 while the number of active cases stands at 37,45,237. Several states have imposed lockdowns or severe restrictions in the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 disaster.