Researchers take a look at Chattahoochee River after canine dies

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COBB COUNTY, Georgia (WGCL) – A team of UGA researchers expands water testing efforts after a local dog that swam in the Chattahoochee River dies earlier this year.

Mother dog Ally Love says she heard the reports from a dog named Chewy who died on January 24th after playing in the Chattahoochee River.

“I heard a bit about it, and that it killed a dog, but my dogs love to swim so I’ll let them in,” said Love.

Within minutes of stepping into the water, Chewy began showing signs of tiredness, wheezing, and coughing.

“Don’t know what this dog had, or if he was sick or not, you know …” said Love.

According to Chewy owners, he had no health issues prior to the incident.

Although cyanobacteria toxins, also known as blue-green algae toxins, have been detected, says UGA Associate Professor Dr. Susan Wilde that the concentration would not be high enough to cause the dog’s death.

“I think this particular place is worrying as the sediment tests positive and the antitoxin is in a very low concentration,” said Dr. Savage.

Dr. Wilde limits concern to the area of ​​the gold branch trails.

“Avoid water that looks pee and has obvious scum. I wouldn’t let your dogs swim in that water … and if there’s a really muddy place, it’s not a good place for the dogs to swim.” Explained Dr. Savage.

Love told CBS46 News that she would take precautions but refuses to stop any of the activities her dogs love most.

“I don’t want to be hardened with fear. I want them to have a life. I want to have a life,” said Love.

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