Research Assistant in Veterinary Medicine job with UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNIVERSITY

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Job Description

The successful candidate will work as Research Assistant in the Abu Dhabi International Virtual Research Institute for Food Security in the Drylands. This institute features a comprehensive and highly interdisciplinary R&D program and provides an international collaboration platform for researchers and stakeholders of the public and private food and agricultural sector. The virtual research institute strives to generate knowledge and technological innovation in support of food security in the UAE and other arid environments of the world. As part of one of its research themes, the institute is aiming to track and forecast terrestrial and aquatic farm animal disease transmission paths, under the supervision of Dr. Moneeb Qablan. This involves the conduction of an epidemiological molecular survey of various infectious diseases in animals. In contribution to this work, the successful candidate is expected to conduct field work and sample collection from various animal species (camel, small ruminants and poultry).

The position is based on an annual contract that may be renewed after the first year. It is based at the United Arab Emirates University, in Al Ain. The successful candidate will be working under the supervision of Dr. Moneeb Qablan, Associate Professor in the Department of Veterinary Medicine, at the United Arab Emirates University.

minimum qualification

Bachelor degree in veterinary medicine. Excellent knowledge in data collection and analysis and basic molecular biology techniques.

Preferred qualification

See Minimum Qualifications

Expected Skills/Rank/Experience

Applicants should have knowledge in the following:

  • Operating systems (Windows, Mac OS)
  • Microsoft office
  • Basic bioinformatics tools (e.g. MEGA, BioEdite, Blast).

Division College of Agricultural & Veterinary Med.
Department of Veterinary Medicine – (CAVM)
Job Close Date 31-12-2022
Job Category Academic – Research Assistant
Salary 7000 – 8000 AED monthly