Rescue canine: RSPCA seeks loving new residence for unfortunate Maxy after 500 days in care

Maxy would be a wonderful companion for the right person, says the RSPCAMaxy would be a wonderful companion for the right person, says the RSPCA

The RSPCA are desperate to find a home for the lonely heart Maxy after 500 days in kennels for his 10th birthday

Maxy is currently on the RSPCA Blackberry Farm near Quainton.

Crossbreed Maxy, who celebrates his 10th birthday on Saturday (May 1st), has been under RSPCA care for almost 500 days.

He arrived at the charity’s Blackberry Farm Animal Center just two days after Christmas 2019 with best friend Skyla.

He had worked outside as a watchdog in a junkyard all his life and had never been to a family home. He had never run before and was overweight but has lost nearly 10 kg since he was in middle.

Lauren Atkins, who looks after Maxy, said, “Maxy and Skyla had lived in a garden their entire lives.

“Skyla was older and had a lot of health problems when she first got here.

“We tried our best to help her, but she ended up doing so badly that veterinarians decided the only, friendliest way to do this was to get her to sleep.

“Maxy loved them so much that they were inseparable. When we lost her, he was lost and found himself alone, because what we believe was the first time ever. He’s been in trouble since we lost Skyla and our behavior team worked with him to prepare him for a new home. ”

Staff and volunteers are holding a special party for Maxy on May 1st to celebrate his 10th birthday. You hope that his birthday wish will come true.

“Despite a life as a guard dog, Maxy absolutely loves people. He greets everyone with drooling kisses and is a real cuddle monster who will make a wonderful companion for the right person, ”said his handler Lauren Atkins. “He loves to make a fuss and will do almost anything for a treat!

“Unfortunately he is not socialized and has a hard time interacting with some dogs.

“We have worked on this and it has improved a lot, but we believe it is best for seasoned owners who live in a quiet, rural area where they can happily walk without encountering many dogs.

“We’ve had a lot of success with muzzle training and he likes to wear it.”

Maxy is an older man and is showing some early signs of arthritis.

He is currently on pain relief which has helped him a lot and this needs to continue in his new home.

Despite his arthritis, he enjoys running around the garden and loves to play. He doesn’t let that slow him down, but he also enjoys snoozing in his box or watching the world go by from the comfort of his bed.

Maxy would fit in a family home with children over 10 years old but must be the only pet, although he may be able to live with outdoor animals such as horses or cattle.

This handsome gentleman can be left standing for a short time and is well trained on the bathroom, so should be clean in a house.

We recommend continuing to keep him in a box when he is alone as he feels settled and relaxed in a box. He has learned some commands in kennels – including “sit” and “paw” – but would benefit from further training.

He struggles to make dog friends – especially after losing his beast – but has forged strong bonds with some of the other dogs in our care. He fell in love with Malinois Attina and they enjoyed spending time together until she was picked up by a new family. Now he’s alone again.

“While Maxy is having a hard time socializing, he has developed close relationships with some of the dogs he met during his time here.

“Unfortunately when they are rehabilitated, it is broken again and it is overlooked again.

“That’s why we really want to find him a family to show him the love he deserves. It is really up to him to ensure a happy life.”

Find out more about Maxy in his online profile or contact the Blackberry Farm team on 0300 123 0752 or by email at

To support the RSPCA in the further rescue, rehabilitation and rehabilitation of animals in urgent need of care, please visit our website or call our donation management on 0300 123 8181.

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