Rep. Pa. GOP threatens to fund Pennsylvania’s veterinary program over vaccine coverage

University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania Flickr).

A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives is threatening to withhold around $ 32 million to fund the state of Philadelphia. Largest private employer About the Employee Vaccine Policy.

To June 3rd letter, 25 Republicans in the House of Representatives are providing public funding to the University of Pennsylvania health care system at Philadelphia as the system requires all employees to be vaccinated by September 1. He said he was against the plan.

System to run Seven hospitalsAt that time, 11,000 of the 44,000 employees had not yet been vaccinated, said Penmedicine. statement Back then.

Employees who cannot be vaccinated for medical or religious reasons must apply for an exemption, similar to the influenza vaccination policy that the system has had for over a decade.

In the letter, Republicans, led by Congressman Andrew Lewis (R-Dauphin), described the policy as “seriously discriminatory.”

“The medical privacy of all Pennsylvanians must be protected,” the letter concludes. “By doing this, we are our holiness to protect the privacy, dignity and freedom of our members. Confirm your commitments. “

Lewis told Capital Star that a Penmedicine employee contacted him and asked him to shed light on the problem.

According to PennMedicine’s email sent to Lewis and shared with Capital-Star, the vaccine policy exemption request was “carefully considered and not guaranteed.”

If staff members of the system have been vaccinated, they could also be “reassessed if circumstances change,” according to the email.

Lewis asked Capital Star to guarantee this exception.

“My goal has nothing to do with the vaccine itself,” Lewis told Capital Star. “I’ve always been in favor of vaccines. Protect your freedom, that’s it. “

Patrick Norton, Vice President of Public Relations at PennMedicine said: In a statement that the system will contact Lewis to further discuss his concerns.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, according to Lewis.

According to the state’s latest budget, most of the state funding ($ 31.6 million) will be donated to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School. The state invested an additional $ 295,000 in PennMedicine’s infectious diseases sector.

That’s just a drop on a bucket of over $ 30 billion a year. State budget, must be approved by June 30th. Negotiations on this proposal are ongoing between Democratic Governor Tom Wolf and a Republican-controlled General Assembly.

R-York, chairman of the House Spending Committee, told Capital Star that he was aware of the problem but had not spoken to his colleagues or Penmedicine and was still in office. Not in.

The University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School Top of the landAnd the sudden attempt to steal his money took Wayne Campbell, the president of Pennsylvania Grunge, by surprise.

“The research helps you and me stay alive, feed the agriculture, and move forward,” said Campbell. “It’s okay to disagree, but don’t sit down and talk. Let’s not steal money and punish everyone. “

Livestock makes up the bulk of Pennsylvania’s agribusiness, said Vince Phillips, a former Harrisburg lobbyist who has worked on agricultural issues.

These animals are kept healthy and productive by a University of Pennsylvania trained veterinarian. The reduction in veterinary programs “is going to be one of the most short-sighted things we saw at the General Assembly,” Phillips said in an email.

“I don’t know about the University of Pennsylvania’s vaccination policy and honestly I don’t care,” he added. “It is important that vaccines are an independent topic and that the veterinary department is not involved. It means you shouldn’t be involved. “

As for Philadelphia, Jason Dawkins, the Democratic House MP who heads the House delegation, told the Republicans’ ongoing crusaders that whenever something happened that Republicans oppose, Republican largest city would come first. Pressure in comparison.

“I’m always surprised that they get too interested in places they don’t like,” said Dawkins. “You are fine getting our taxes, but we are me. It is not okay to use our taxes the way we want to. “

Rep. Pa. GOP threatens to fund Pennsylvania’s veterinary program because of vaccine policy

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