RenalTech evokes extra veterinary visits and higher preventive look after cats

Wells Valley, California., April 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Antech Diagnostics, part of Mars Veterinary Health, today released new data showing all cats from a retrospective review of 730,000 veterinary visits for positive or negative RenalTech ™ predicting chronic kidney disease (CKD), have received improved provision. in cats 2 years before occurrence. The data shows that the predictive diagnostic tool increased the number of visits to the vet by up to 31%. In addition, pet owners proactively sought early interventions related to CRF, including food and medication. The results support the value of RenalTech as a diagnostic tool for veterinarians looking to improve the general well-being of cats while positively impacting the health of cats with CKD.

“With appropriate medical care, cats with chronic kidney disease can survive for significant amounts of time with a good quality of life,” said Jonathan Elliott, MA, Veterinarian MB, PhD, Cert SAC, Dip ECVPT, MRCVS, Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology at the Royal Veterinary College in London. “The persistent problem with cats, however, has always been getting her in the door, and cats with CRF have been diagnosed early enough for early care strategies to make a difference. Given recent developments in diagnostic testing and how we can use them Data Collected Through routine geriatric health exams, we now have a very real opportunity both to influence access to preventive care for all cats and to improve the quality of life of cats who have and are living with CKD. “

One in three cats will develop CRF in their lifetime. Diagnoses beyond early detection to predicting disease allow veterinarians to begin monitoring and treating CRF when detected early, resulting in interventions that are most effective at this stage. As the first predictive diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine, RenalTech combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with 20 years of data from over 150,000 cats to predict with 95% accuracy whether or not a cat will develop CKD within 2 years. In the one-year retrospective analysis of RenalTech’s impact on screening practices, researchers found that using RenalTech alone, regardless of a cat’s positive or negative status, offers opportunities to:

  1. Early Interventions to Delay the Onset and Progression of CKD – ​​Pet owners with RenalTech positive cats proactively sought proven early care strategies for CKD: 31.5% bought renal therapy diets versus just 4.8% of all other cats, and 41% bought drugs related to CKD only 26.3% of all other cats.
  2. Improved prevention for all cats – all cats regardless of RenalTech status received improved, sustainable veterinary care. Visits from RenalTech negative cats increased 14% year over year, while visits from RenalTech positive cats increased 31%.

“Cats don’t like going to the vet, and that simple fact has limited their access to screening for decades,” said Dr. Jennifer Ogeer, DVM, MSc., MBA, MA, VP Medical Affairs & Trade Marketing. “Now we know that early disease warning is an incredibly powerful motivator for owners who are naturally responsive to the opportunity to proactively treat CKD. Perhaps more importantly, we know from the data that the use of RenalTech is increasing Regardless of the status alone, improved access to preventive care is available for all cats. In this sense, and as with RenalTech itself, the data are another first for veterinary medicine. ”

In response to the ability to treat CKD before it occurs, Antech also offers the veterinary medicine’s only complete solution for disease prediction, early diagnosis, staging and monitoring. The diagnostic portfolio includes RenalTech and SDMA ™ (symmetrical dimethylarginine), the kidney biomarker for CRF. Together, these advanced diagnostics provide veterinarians with a unique opportunity to support the best possible outlook for cats with disease.

“RenalTech has been a great value for our patients and customers,” he said John Faught, DVM, Chief Medical Officer for Firehouse Animal Health Centers by Austin, TX. “At Firehouse Animal Health Center, we have long performed routine laboratory work to assess the developing function of our patients. By assessing these trends and samples, we hoped to make an earlier effect on disease or aging, but never before have we use these metrics to actually predict the future of our pet’s health. RenalTech combines Antech’s advanced laboratory testing with cutting-edge statistical data analysis to deliver truly preventative medicine rather than reactionary medicine. “

In the retrospective analysis, study participants were visited between December 2019 and December 2020. Please visit to access the study.

About RenalTech
RenalTech is the first in a line of predictive diagnostic tools that uses the computing power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict with greater than 95% accuracy whether a cat will develop CKD or not up to 2 years before diagnosis. RenalTech, a first for veterinary medicine, was developed in collaboration with Mars Petcare, the WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute and the Royal Veterinary College. RenalTech is available to Antech customers free of charge as part of routine blood tests and urinalysis. More information is available at There you will find a RenalTech Results Care Pathway, which outlines strategies for early care of CKD as per International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) guidelines.

About Antech
At the heart of Antech is our love for pets. Combining cutting-edge technology built on scientific accuracy with data-driven insight and advisory moments, we help veterinarians and their teams improve the health and wellbeing of the pets we love. Our commitment to customers spans more than 30 years, celebrating their commitment to setting new standards for the quality of animal care we support through innovative diagnostic, imaging, education and support services. Today, Antech is driving the future of animal health as part of Mars Petcare, the world’s leading animal nutrition and health care ecosystem. Visit us at Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

SOURCE Antech Diagnostics

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