Referring Veterinarians – College of Veterinary Medicine

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As our primary customer, we work as a team with the Referring Veterinarian. They entrust us with their client and patient to augment the care they have already provided and thus permits us to continue to educate the future providers of veterinary medicine.

Referrals, while preferred, are not required for Small Animal Hospital patients (except for those that qualify to be seen through the Primary Care service). Equine Hospital and Farm Animal Hospital referrals are welcome as well.

To request a Small Animal consult with us please call 765-496-1000 and for an Equine or Farm Animal consult please call 765-494-8548.

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory receives samples from our hospital clinicians, outside clinics and research institutions on routine and research samples.


Upon admission, a notification will be faxed to the Referring Veterinarian. Our clinicians will be in communication with the Referring Veterinarian, as much as possible, during their patient’s hospitalization to keep him/her up to date with the progress of the patient.

Following discharge (usually within 24 hours), a copy of the Visit Summary will be faxed to the Referring Veterinarian outlining in detail the case from admission to discharge.

In the unfortunate event that a referred patient passes away, the Referring Veterinarian will be notified either by a faxed notice or by a phone call from the attending clinician. A visit summary will follow.